Monday, November 01, 2010

Republicans Teeter As Democrats Totter

Scott Rasmussen has a very valid point when he says a vote against the Democrats isn't necessarily a vote for the Republicans. I have yet to see a "plan", if you will, from John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi's likely replacement. What I see is a vacuum.

Then there are the vocal Tea Party types who are touting no compromise. Just listen to Rush Limbaugh and such. Gads. They get so rabid I can almost see them flailing pitchforks and dancing around fires. I anticipate the Republicans are going to have much the same problems that the Democrats have. Rebellion within their own ranks. The "true conservatives" against the elitists. With the Dems it was the far left urging them to go even farther. If that was possible.

The Tea Party already has some 40 members in the House alone. There are sure to be more. We've been privy to the campaigns of three of them, all definitely anti-establishment as in establishment Republicans. And a little off kilter to say the least. Who knows what those we've yet to hear about are like. What havoc the Tea Party will wrought remains to be seen. You can be sure they will be heard, but how many of us will agree with the direction they will want to go. Extremes, no matter the side, don't sit well with the voters.

I'm far too jaded to believe anything much is going to change. Washington is what it is and no campaign promise is going to change it. The challenge for the voters is to figure out a place to go rather than back to the Democrats. Will there finally be a viable push for a third party? Can the voters move from their red or blue tendencies? Many say no. I'm not so sure.

I'm still waiting for the Modern Whigs to get their act together. They need a good public relations team to get vocal and visible!

Who else? Will the Tea Party actually organize? Right now it's rag tag assembly of organizations of which one can't be sure any two are the same.

The state of politics in American is in free fall. The media is little help because of it's favoritism. FOX's slogan, Fair and Balanced, is what journalism should be but is no more ~ including FOX.

As social media and blogs become more prevalent, how will they influence future elections? It's an opportunity to lay out issues, the whys and the wherefores, something sorely missing in campaigns. Character assassination such as we've see this go round serves no purpose other than to make me wonder, if what's said bears any semblance of truth, why vote at all! The language is unbelievable. People calling others a bitch or whore. Even in private, this is hardly the language of professionals. Yet it is.

I am lost, I'll admit. Perhaps it's generational. For better or for worse, however, it gives me fodder on which to feed. One among millions. Why bother? It vents my frustration.


Margie's Musings said...

It may be generational, Mari. I too am lost.

They are all so corrupt.

Amy said...

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Word Tosser said...

So many stories, so many lies, no problems solved... and the country is put in the back of the bus...
It will be interesting to see how it comes out for those who expect so much... as the 3 of us.. Margie, Mari, and I shake our heads in wonderment...