Wednesday, December 22, 2010

As The Year Wanes

In the on going holiday bustle I haven't had much time for posting. It isn't that I haven't had lots to say, but since I'm usually more negative than positive, I thought I'd give it a rest.

I've been thinking about poor old father time. It's no wonder he appears not only old, but also totally whacked out. He is the metaphor for the year soon to be past!

 I think the baby New Year will be a baby for about one day. Things are that bad. The weather around the world. The wars. The economy. The politics. There would seem to be nothing to rally around or cheer!

So it's a good time to narrow the focus, even if just for a while. Most of us have our homes, our families and our friends. Our pets and their unequivocal love. Food on our tables. Peace in the evening after a busy day gone by. A warm bed in which to sleep and a warm house in which to wake. All in all, not so bad.

Even if budgets are tighter than we'd like and politics less than encouraging, we are still so fortunate to live in this country.   Even with all it's warts.

It's so much better than the cancers with which so many others must contend.

Well, Christmas dinner is mine this year; Hub had Thanksgiving and it was superb. I look at our menu. It will be a good meal. Prepared and shared with love. Ahh, the anticipation.

How wonderful we can still celebrate, really celebrate, the holiday, each in our own way, without fear. America. Though it may be a bit tarnished, it's still easy to find parts that shine. And shine they do.


Space Lady said...

I share your sentiments. Have a festive Christmas with good company and good food.

Enjoy your new year in good health and abundance.

The content are rich of spirit.

Margie's Musings said...

You have the right attitude, Mari. There is plenty to complain about but when we really count our blessings, there is plenty to feel blessed about too.

Steve said...

I agree with you; I think that something bad will happen almost immediately after the new year starts. But, I guess that's life. Too bad we can't have a whole year of pure bliss.