Monday, December 20, 2010

All Things Come To Those Who Wait ~ And Remember

Hub tells me I have a great mind for trivia. In some cases it can prove valuable. Like clearing up a puzzle that has bothered me for months.

Some time ago our State Department involved itself in the dispute over a perfectly legal election that took place in Honduras. The President wanted to change the constitution so he, like his mentor Chavez in Venezuela, could remain in power for life even though he had been soundly defeated. Said President was a scoundrel. Why the State Department chose to back him against the newly elected President and the totally legal actions of their courts and military in escorting him out of the country was beyond my comprehension.

The story dragged on for awhile. Zayala found refuge in Brazil and sat straddling the border for some time in an effort to gain his way back. He failed.

Buy why? Well, thanks to a couple of Wikileaked cables, the saga is at least partially cleared up. It is disgusting.

According to Mary Anastasia O'Grady, in this morning's Wall Street Journal,  it was done to appease Chavez who is the power in the region. He has more allies in Latin America than we do, so...

We wanted Zayala portrayed as he himself wanted - a benevolent leader put upon by the powerful. What twisted logic! Our people on the ground even told State that allegations against him were well founded yet the State Department refused to release the credible analysis.

Here is a case where the little guy won. Honduras, it's people and it's government. Here is a case where the United States looks totally inept in trying to pacify a dictator who hates everything about us. It didn't work. We should be ashamed of ourselves. We aren't. I'm sure they figure most of us have forgotten about it.

Well, I haven't. If this is our foreign policy; where we put expedience toward a petty dictator before our own values, it's no wonder respect for the United States is dwindling.

Does Afghanistan ring a bell? Expedience toward a petty dictator - wanna be? If there is a God on our side, may He guide us! With actions such as these, we surely need it.


betty said...

My son thinks I have a great mind for trivia, too. What he SAYS is, "Mom, you're full of it." But, I know what he means. lol

Margie's Musings said...

Mari, you need to read a book called "Imperial Cruise". It will inform you of our past foreign policy messes too..especially in the Philippians. We are not the lily white country we have always painted ourselves to be.