Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Weighing" In

The current sub-story that continually comes to the surface these days is the Fatting of America. It has been getting a lot of play because of Michelle Obama's push for better nutrition for school kids. And because of new laws requiring calorie counts on menus. These are government backed brainstorms to fix a 'growing' problem.

The government is also the reason, though it seems to be the last to realize it. The culprit, of course, is diet. Having stepped on the scale this morning I am hugely aware of it! That, however, is of my own doing over the holidays. Other than the annual indulgences which most of us give in to, it can be hard to get all the fruit and vegetables we need. Why? Price.

For seniors, it's extra tough. We didn't get a cost of living increase for the second year in a row because they don't count the cost of fuel or food in the consumer price index, making it appear there is no inflation. Of course there is, but that's government bookkeeping.

In this morning's Wall Street Journal we find another government aided cause.  Joblessness.

Why studies are needed to figure these things out is beyond me. No job, less has to go further. Especially money and food! What's most expensive? Fruit and vegetables! What's least? Food laden with starch, fat and sugar.

Sure, people abuse themselves when it comes to indulgence. I do. Especially during the holidays. January always brings with it a month on the strict version of the South Beach! But when it's all you can afford to eat and feed your family, that's the way it goes. It's not all the parent's fault!

Could parents encourage their kids to become more active? Absolutely. Could they themselves? Absolutely. But when do the bad calories out weigh good exercise?

Rather than spending money on studies to figure out joblessness makes for poor diet, would it not be better spent putting people back to work and getting the price of healthy food back to affordable levels?

I don't think Congress has a clue how to do either. Neither party. So they'll continue to wring their hands then decide to send the TSA, or some like minded organization, out to monitor our shopping bags and our dinner tables.

Tonight, on mine, they'll find soup and salad. We can afford the greens this week. And that's about all!


Word Tosser said...

Well, they gave one a job...maybe more as you know the Government, it takes more than one person to talley for a survey.
Read a funny email a while back, where a guy called in for a pizza, only to be told that it wasn't good for his heart and his insurance company did not ok any fat food... lol so don't be surprised if we have them at the check out counter, taking out of your basket what isn't approved to eat for you and Hub.. lol

Margie's Musings said...

I gained three pounds over the holiday. I will try to get it off after the first of the year.

Space Lady said...

So true. It's the end of the month and our budget is lean and mean. We inherited a bag of potatoes, which means baked potatoes with olive oil spread and a bag of cheddar cheese (we also inherited) as toppers...well, you get the picture.

Anonymous said...

Exactly; we often find here that the food that's incredibly good for us is terribly expensive and so deters those less fortunate to go for the unhealthy produce. A vicious circle that needs to be addressed.

I blame our government for most things, I think I'll blame them for our obesity problem too!

CJ xx

Margie's Musings said...

Actually, I think we can blame fast food and all that fat in it.