Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ignorance Isn't Necessarily Bliss!

When we travel I usually look forward to time away from computers, television, radio and newspapers. The pure bliss of going forth into the temporarily unknown. Yesterday,
Kevin Horrigan, a columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, addressed the same topic.

Like me only with far more depth of knowledge, he realized he needed a break.  He too realized how difficult the prospect was.  Everything going on in the world would continue but without his knowledge.

Funny, how worrisome it can be.  Not knowing.  Today is such a day when it should be easy.  I'm sitting here listening to the gentle sounds of the snow blower doing it's job for the second time today.  That's how much snow we're getting.  It's absolutely beautiful outside.  When the snow stops the deep freeze arrives and we won't be able to move anything until a thaw.  There is nothing pending in the short term forecast.

Do I feel guilty for not helping?  No.  There's nothing I can do anyway.  I put on tall boots earlier and waded my way to where the birds gather and spread seed.  With some hesitation I might add because yesterday a hawk got a quail.  I was upset.  I blamed myself.  Hub tried to make things better, telling me hawks need to eat too.  Still...

See?  This is an escape into basic mindlessness.  Just a moment in life.  Neither good nor bad. The only sin is writing this on my computer. I should then go into the den, find something good to read  other than a newspaper or magazine, maybe with a warm cup of tea, and just wile away the afternoon.

But I won't.  I'll go to Drudge and read the headlines one last time and Huckleberries to see what's going on locally.  I'll check in with NoLabels to see who has joined in the discussion groups I've joined.  It's all about politics and the news.  I'm obsessed with it.

I think the problem with trying to get a break from it, escape it, for a period of time is that I know when I return, things will have happened.  Some nonsensical, others serious.  I will have had thoughts on all of it and something to say to be sure!

That's it.  Life goes on whether or not I'm participating on any level of awareness. Whatever it has been, I have missed it.  That is, to me, troublesome!


Margie's Musings said...

I have backed off from the national politics lately. I feel so helpless. I will be very careful when I vote though.

John Dwyer said...

Hey...don't tire out on me. I hardly watch the TV, seldom click on the internet icons that beckon me, etc. I depend on others (like you) to keep up with the outside so I can continue reading and studying my French lessons. Snow: Nope...I am sitting on a sun-deck looking at the Gulf from Naples Fla.