Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egypt - Power To The People!

In watching the events unfold in Egypt, I wonder if our politicians are realizing how lucky they are. Especially those who have held their seats of power nearly as long as Mubarak has. We unseat politicians we're unhappy with by vote, not violence. Funny, that's what the people of Egypt want.  And China.  And Iraq. And Iran.

A couple of things have occurred to me watching this. Obama, from the very beginning of his term, has made it clear he wants us to be the equal of the rest of the world, not the leader. Well, in this he has succeeded. The result seems to find us behind the curve in world opinion as well as being dismissed as  insignificant.  That's why Hu wore a business suit to the State dinner in his honor rather than a tux.  Subtle, but a slap in the face none-the-less.

All the talk shows are asking what it is we want. No one cares. Especially the people of Egypt. It's what they want that matters.

Our fear of Mubarak being deposed points out one more time what happens when you support a side against the people. Honduras. Iran. Iraq. Afghanistan. It's not a sterling track record.

We also seem to cling to false fears. Everyone that has been interviewed who has actual experience in Egypt will tell you the Muslim Brotherhood is not a threat, no matter what happens next.

Opposition leader ElBaradei, in an interview with Christiane Amanpour, said they deserve a place in a new government just like everyone else. He compared them to our Evangelicals who are a part of our society and as so should have their voice heard. Are we hearing that?

Frankly, the Egyptians could care less what we want or think. This is their issue for them to solve.

If we would side with the people more often perhaps we'd have fewer disputes of this nature. After all, they aren't any different than us. They want jobs, education and a decent standard of living. So do all the others waiting in the wings. The people are what made this country great. It is the people who will return others to greatness.

I just hope our leaders, who are trying to thrust more and more government control over us, get the message. Do I need to tweet this?


Word Tosser said...

Personally I hope we keep our nose out of their business... we surely wouldn't want them in ours...
Also why is it our government throws money at it, as if that is going to solve anything...
With our economy, no jobs, foreclosure... let's send that money to our citizens ... after all it is OUR money

nan16 said...

I wish your blog could be printed in a national newspaper or plastered over the TV news so everyone could read it. I agree with you so much and I would think that most people in the U. S. would that there must be some way for more people to read your blog.