Friday, January 28, 2011

Make A Pact With The Devil And You're Going To Get Burned!

We were on the wrong side in Honduras. We never uttered a peep in Iran. We didn't see Tunisia coming. Jordan is nervous. Algeria and Yemen have joined the fray.

Tranquility in mid eastern and northern African countries is falling like dominoes. The people are unhappy with their state in life and have finally reached the breaking point. You see, they don't like dictators. They don't like the fact they have few rights and are likely to be severely punished if they ask for them. They don't like the economic climate in which they live. It's called unrest.

And one more time we are sitting on our hands, not knowing what to do. You see, we've made deals with many of these countries fully knowing and turning our head from their lack of human rights. Don't forget Saudi Arabia and China in the equation. Actually the number of countries is rather staggering.  We make pacts with numerous devils.

The full extent of this head turning was made apparent when Joe Biden told Jim Lehrer Egypt's Mubarak shouldn't be referred to as a dictator. Oh, Joe. Please.

So what are we to do? I'm not an isolationist, the world has become too small for that. Yet I wonder if we need to be as immersed in the politics of other countries as we are. Should we be borrowing as much as we do from China? No. As for the others, should the amount of aid they receive be predicated on their rights records? Yes.

The old argument that we need their oil may be true. If we'd produce more our own and allow the refining capacity needed, it could certainly alter the involvement.

Can we really impact the mid-east peace process before even more countries fall into chaos? I doubt it. But you know what? The people are beginning to do a pretty good job for themselves.

What the U.S. chooses to do remains to be seen. They have to do something. Watching this unfold should be a warning to our own government as our economy continues to limp along, unemployment remains stagnant and security measures are becoming draconian. The people will only take so much. We've seen hints of unrest here.  The red flag should be flying high because the causes match those of the people now dominating the news cycle.


Margie's Musings said...

I guess I'm one of those people who believe we should not be interfering in other country's business. If one of them came over here and attempted to tell us how to run our government, we'd be up in arms!

What makes us think we have any more to say about theirs? These folks need to determine their own form of government.

nan16 said...

I'm with you Margie. There was a comment on TV that people were supposed to answer by texting. What should the U. S. do about the Egyptian crisis. I wanted to say "nothing" although I refrained from texting. We should not be giving any country any more relief money. We need relief ourselves.

Betty said...

I think we're on the same wave link again. It happens pretty often. See what you think of my blog today.