Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Who Will Slay The Monster?

He is one, you know. Gaddafi.  And his sons are in training just as were Saddam Hussein's. Any man who vows to fight to the last man and woman, slaying his own people, is a monster.

For what?  Power.  The power that we, among others, have allowed him to keep in return for something we want.  Not need.  Want.  Oil.  We have it.  We just won't drill it.  So we allow monsters to exist.  No.  Thrive.

The question isn't if he will fall, but when.  Surely he will.  As we've witnessed in Tunisia and Egypt and an armful of other countries, people will reach their limit and will rebel.  Even when unarmed and against terrible odds.  With their own lives on the line whether during battle or if they should lose.

Forget all the accusations being thrown at us by governments in fear of their own existence, is it time for our absentee president to step forward and show some leadership?  What we do hear is weak at best and coming more from the Secretaries of State and Defense than the President.  He should be showing outrage at what this delusional monster is doing and taking action to counteract it.

As we and the rest of the toothless world bodies that could already be engaged dither, countless people are dying for wanting no more than dignity in living.  It's not much of a trade off is it.  Death for a decent life.

The turmoil in Africa and the mid-east is far from over.  The dominoes are continuing to teeter and fall.

Not meaning to be a fear monger, but our government might well be taking a lesson from all this.  People can only be pushed so far.  They will only allow their leaders to obfuscate and oppress for so long.  The more our government tries to take over our lives, the more restless we become.  Don't be fooled by suits and ties.

I cheer the people of those regions who have done what has long been needed.  To take matters into their own hands.  The problem is theirs to solve.  But there is nothing that says we can't step into help when the balance is lost.  There is a point when intervention is justified.  Forget trying to instill democracy.   The people may not want our version of it.  But help the down trodden by arming them, or creating no fly zones or whatever is necessary to level the field.

If Russia and China and North Korea and the United Nations don't like it, so be it.  Each and every country has ordinary citizens waiting in the wings watching.  And so do we.

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