Monday, February 28, 2011

Comic Relief Or Is It?

As Charlie Sheen and his sodden ego speed toward who knows what, nothing good, and the people of the mid-east are dying in their attempts to overthrow their dictatorial governments while the west dithers, it's nice to know that things of real importance are also being covered in the news.

Naturally it would have to do with sports, right?  After all entertainment had it's night last night.

I read yesterday and passed over the news that there is controversy over the logos chosen for the Russian Olympics.  They've been called everything from plagiarism to just plain  bad taste.

The mascots that actually make sense that have been passed over are a depiction of Father Christmas and a snow flake.  Prime Minister Putin's favorite,  a snow boarding snow leopard, became the favorite as soon as it was known. I wonder if he's partial to Mac. Snow Leopard is its current operating system.  Nah.  It's probably because he sees the snow leopard as very macho.  No one asked me, but I think all of them are cute and not being the illustrator, I could care less who created them because after the Olympics are over they'll soon be forgotten.

AP Photo
Not wanting to be left out, since all the action has been elsewhere lately, the Iranians decided to pick on the logo for the London Olympics.

They claim the logo is racist because it spells out Zion, therefore referring to the city of Jerusalem.  It's no secret how the President of Iran feels about anything Israeli! Actually the design designates "2012" which is clearly apparent with a second look.  You have to reach a bit to see "Zion", but then the Iranians do know how to reach when it comes to reality.

I'm sure the snow leopard is going to prevail in Russia and "2012" in London.  I'm certainly glad both have been settled upon without bloodshed.

Still, even dicey letters and cute animals can't escape the wrath of those who feel wronged.  I wonder if anything will ever satisfy anyone!

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Margie's Musings said...

Probably not, Mari. People are very hard to satisfy anymore. Everyone just wants to argue and fight.