Monday, April 04, 2011

The One Billion Dollar Man

To no ones surprise, today President Obama announced he is running for re-election.  The dollar amount his campaign wants to raise is what astounds me.  One billion dollars.  How many of us can comprehend that amount?  Especially those without jobs nor with any prospects expected in the foreseeable future. Those who's homes are being foreclosed on.  Those who can't afford to buy a tank of gas to get to work if lucky enough to have a job.  Those who can't put a nourishing meal on the table because the cost of nourishing food is through the roof.

It seems campaign spending has gotten as ludicrous as campaign promises - like hope and change.  Here is a man who at best deserves a gentleman's "C" for his performance.  I don't see that changing over the next couple of years.  One, he doesn't have the House with him so it will slow down his domestic agenda and two, his foreign policy is murky at best.  We're still at war.  Guantanamo is still open.  Gays can not yet serve openly in the military.  Health care reform is all over the map.  Drilling has yet to be resumed in the Gulf.  These are just popping into my head as I write.  I know I'm down on this President, but still, nothing is coming to mind as a great success.

One billion dollars.  That money could be spent so much better than being put into the pockets of strategists and ad campaigns distorting the records of those in opposition!  One billion dollars.  I just can't get my head around it.

If he were a wildly popular President, no where near that much would be necessary.  It makes me wonder if his insiders think he's even worse than I do in thinking that kind of money will be needed.  Heck he doesn't even have a credible opponent yet!

Let's face it, who are we looking at?  Palin and Bachmann.  I don't think so.  Pawlenty.  Who's he?  The stout guy from Mississippi.  The Morman.  Trump?  You've got to be kidding.  Giuliani?  That's digging deep.  He'd have to show up before Florida.  And last, but not least, I heard today Jesse Ventura would consider running with Ron Paul!

What a choice.  One billion dollars?  I'd think maybe $1.95 plus tax might cover it.


Betty said...

You're right. $1Billion is an obscene amount of money to raise for a campaign. There is just no excuse for it. See? I can be as appalled at Obama as you can. lol

Dogwalk said...

Ahh, Betty, it's that common thread that pops up every once in awhile! I'm glad you stick with me though! Who knows where I'll be when it's all sorted out.

Margie's Musings said...

He certainly doesn't have a viable candidate to run against. I'm a registered Republican but there isn't a soul in the field I would vote for and no one on the horizon either. So I will probably vote for the incumbent unless something drastic changes my mind.