Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Union Label

"Bully" might do.  As the President goes off to campaign,  the Congress struggles over the budget.  A supreme court justice in Wisconsin is fighting for his career because he is in agreement with the governor's stand on reigning in public sector union demands.  He's not the only governor taking those stands.

What is it that people don't understand about the fact this country is flat broke.  No.  Worse than that.  In debt over our heads and then some.

So what are the unions in parts of Ohio doing?  Asking that businesses put a sign in their window saying they support the unions.  Those who do not are threatened with having their business boycotted.  So much for freedom of choice.

Others have tried to stay neutral and were told neutral is the same as "no".  This is intimidation and bullying.  Period.   Some have suggested they've taken the signs because union people are customers. Fine, but what about those  customers who are not members of  unions? Don't they count too? Those whose tax dollars are going to pay those demands?  That may prove to be a boycott in of itself because the tax burden is getting to be such that they can't afford to shop those businesses.

Our government has to share the blame.  Forget Obama,  he's always been pro union and pro spending.  But the government as a whole, for decades,  has taken spending to new heights and borrowing to reach them.  They are not unlike the unions.  This is what we want, this is what we will have or else.  Or else what?  What happens when no one will lend us money any more? The dollar is worthless in world markets. Will the treasury print it?  Then we will collapse.

When the President says about high gas prices, "Get used to them" while pushing "clean" energy that is no where nearly well enough developed for reasonable mass consumption, and telling the Republicans getting their way isn't the way it works sounds just like he did with the health care issue.  It's his way or the highway.  Just like the unions.  It's their way or the highway.

We are as politically polarized as we've ever been with no change in site.  Even the Tea Party is polarizing.  They are not willing to compromise either.  Will any other incarnation of a political movement?  Probably not.

Next year when the President gives his State of the Union address, it will be just that.  We're just one big Union making demands we can no longer afford.  Everyone has the answer, as long as their special interests and perks are not affected. That means, in reality, no one has the answer. No one is willing to bend.  From the top of the political spectrum, the President, right down to the guy living next door.

It's not that our heads are in the sand.  We know the situation.  I guess not enough of us care enough to facilitate change.  Especially those in a position to do so.  So as we do little more than butt heads, the world moves away from us.  Has anyone noticed?  Does anyone care?

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