Thursday, May 26, 2011

Is Obama's Race Really To Blame?

Is racism going to rule the next presidential election?  I wonder, when House Assistant Democratic Leader, James Clyburn, who is black, still claims most of Obama's problems are because he' black.

I'm willing to accept that Mr. Clyburn is 70 years old and racism is part of his mind set.  What he grew up with.  What he's had to contend with.  But I dare say it is not the cause of Obama's problems.

I can say this with some basis because I am white and I voted for him.  I thought he was young and bright and like so many of us, failed to realize that he had too little experience in the world of politics.  His beliefs, which he kept pretty well under wraps, have been too liberal for my of our taste.

No, Mr. Clyburn.  Even with the birthers who for some reason desperately want to prove he was born in Kenya, are more concerned he's a closet Muslim than the fact he's half black.  It's not race.

As for the birth certificate issue?   McCain was asked to prove he was born in American territory and it was concluded that he was.

The chosen example of his face imposed on a chimpanzees body?  Actually, they did the same thing to Bush.

No, his problems are of his own making.  His dreadful lack of knowledge of protocol with foreign dignitaries and his apparent refusal to learn is the least of them. His past associations.  His missteps in foreign policy.  His "I won" attitude.  His unwillingness to work with the Republicans to force his own vision.

Yes, he won.  But he wasn't elected to change the country into his vision of it,  but  to better the peoples vision.

None has to do with racism.  I can only hope the advisers to the President in his upcoming campaign, don't think they can use race as their trump card.  It will set back all the progress, as imperfect as it may be, we've made, for generations.  A setback we as a country can ill afford and can so easily avoid by looking at the truth of the matter.  It is the man, his manner, his policies, or lack of them, that drive his poll numbers.  Not his race.

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