Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rudy ~ Viable Or Past His Prime?

I was surprised to see Rudy Giuliani's name crop up as a potential presidential candidate when I was researching  a recent post.  But then I figured, why not?  It seems all sorts of have beens and never going to be's are emerging from the depths of obscurity.

Is he viable?  Last time around he was so sure of his chances that he barely entered the fray until the Florida primary,  finished third and was finished before he ever got started.

Now I read, in U.S. News and World Report , that he's plotting how to "knock off" Romney in the New Hampshire primary.  I wonder if he really has a chance.  Not to knock off Romney, but to gain any sort of traction.  His time of being the best mayor in American is long past and in many instances his poor choices in his personal life over shadow his questionable skill as a politician.

He strikes me as a man who doesn't like to lose.  That is certainly a common trait among politicians, but it isn't reason enough to run, whats more be elected.

He has apparently polled third in a poll run by Suffolk University.  I have to wonder if it is name recognition, fond memories of an image ten years old or desperation for a candidate by those polled.

He would not be on my list to be considered.  Since being in office, his shortcomings, once overlooked, have come to light.  There is again, his personal baggage. Baggage seems to be the norm rather than the exception any more, but never-the-less, it does matter to many.  Look at Newt.  Other than being too cute by half,  it's his personal life that is dogging him.

I also wonder how a potential candidate can poll well when nothing is known about his thoughts on today's issues.  I've not seen nor heard a thing.  He certainly won't appeal to the far right with his past stands on abortion and gay marriage though he would resonate with moderates.  Do those stands remain?  Who knows?

It's an interesting exercise at this point.  I see no loss in those who have chosen not to run and I see little to excite me in those who have.  The puzzlement is who else is out there?  I have thoughts on a few names being bandied about but I'll reserve comment until they make up their minds.  Even at that, the field is weak.  Though I'll admit John McCain did better in 2008 than I anticipated and he came from a weak field.  It certainly goes to show a lot of folks disagreed with my thoughts about him as well as my thoughts about Obama!

For the time being I'll stew over the state of the Republican party, worry about another four years under the current administration and wonder why a third party representing moderates doesn't seem to be able to take hold without a fringe group kidnapping them.

Ah, politics.  It is the bane of my existence!  If only I could come to grips with it I'd stop blogging!


Word Tosser said...

He and Newt are too long in the tooth for me...
some of the younger ones sound interesting, but who know... No one really stands out... on either side, actually...
may be another year of voting for the lesser of the two evils...

Margie's Musings said...

So far, I see no viable Republican candidate. I am still waiting for one to emerge. I would vote for someone who would get us out of the wars.

Margie's Musings said...
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