Sunday, May 22, 2011

We March To A Different Drummer

Whenever I get mad at the President for trying to mediocreize the country I'm encouraged when I see signs he's failing.

Take the instance of Dominique Strass-Kahn, the randy former head of the  International Monetary Fund. He was well known as a womanizer in France and was always given a pass, no doubt with a snicker hidden behind a hand.

When it comes to such behavior in this country by people of note the criticism is fast and furious even if prurient in nature.  Some men have been able to bluff it out, others are forced to resign.  In all cases that come to mind, the wife is the victim.  The other woman is not and we wonder what in the world the men were thinking.

Not so in France and other parts of Europe it would seem.  While we are aghast by DSK pursuing  a young maid in all his alleged splendid nakedness, the French are shouting set up!  I have to ask at this point, what in the world are the French thinking!

Realistically, I know.  Small matters like fidelity and common decency don't seem to matter, especially if the person is rich and powerful.  Think of how many men in this country might still be in positions of power without a smattering of disgrace for the way they've conducted their very public private lives if we thought like the French!

It seems to me if we can't understand the way the French think in a matter like DSK and a poor maid, how can we possibly understand the thinking militant terrorists who get satisfaction from stoning women to death and decapitating enemies?

I don't think we can.  That's why I think the TSA is on the wrong track.  We just don't have that mind set!  That's why I don't think the President can succeed in neutralizing this country as a leader.  We do have a high moral standard.  And we do actually exercise it.

It should be a point of pride for the country.  Morality does count.  No apologies necessary.  If you don't get it, well, in our eyes it's your loss, not ours.

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