Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We NEED Free Trade Agreements!

Another indicator of why I think the President Peter Principled out as a community organizer is his refusal to send three pending free trade agreements to Congress.  You know, those agreements that eliminate tariffs allowing for, ahem, free trade, between countries.

The three outstanding would be between the U.S. and South Korea, Panama and Columbia.

Whats at stake?  Cars for South Korea, heavy equipment for the other two.  Companies like Caterpillar desperately want it.

Think about what it would do for the economy.  Actually selling our goods.  Think of the jobs that could produce. Think about how much those countries can get their needs filled elsewhere if we continue to drag our feet.  These had been negotiated, just not finalized, before Obama took office.  Is this just one more area in which he has no interest so he ignores it?

Once again, the President has inserted himself into the legislative process and created more problems than he solved.  He wants to do something called 'trade adjustment assistance' first.  This is a payoff to the unions.

Harry Reid held a cloture vote opening the way. He knows Boehner would get it through the house. But here's the problem.  The Republicans don't trust the President to keep his word to move the agreements forward if they pass the 'adjustments' first.  The President not a man of his word?  Well, look what happened with the debt ceiling negotiations, among others.

The shame of it is the mistrust.  This isn't even a matter of ideology.  It's a matter of, well, mistrust. What a sorry state that is. It jeopardizes our ability to trade with healthy, growing economies who need our products. Why?

Once again the President dithers, unable or unwilling to make a decision, while the rest of us suffer for it. Why?

When I have a rant like this I'm often asked, if not Obama, then who?  Well, the one man no one seems to want to look at is Jon Huntsman.  Why is that, while I'm asking why?  Could it be time to look at the quiet achievers rather than the show boaters?  If not, why?

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Anonymous said...

By not sending the free trade agreements to Congress he protects the Unions. They provide him with lots of votes.