Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Face In The White House Is Ours

It's times like these that I really miss ole Bacchus and our daily walks.  It was during the quiet of the early morning and my mind was fresh.  I allowed it to wander along with the dog.  I had the time to sort through things that puzzled me or bothered me or just interested me.  I've been too long without.  That once luxurious time is gone now, put to other less compelling uses.  My ability to reason things through is more constrained now and I find myself more and more confounded.

For instance, today, as I brace myself for one more debate, I wonder what more can be said that hasn't already been hashed to death.  Will the two little boys once more take their balls and go home while the other two languish in obscurity?

Watching the Republicans implode has made me wonder just which is the face we want in the White House?  Which face would put the best face on the nation?  For that is exactly what the Occupy the White House movement is all about.  Us.  And what the world thinks of us.

Forget the President for the moment.  We already know what he is and what the world thinks of him and therefore us.  Let's think about those who would replace him, particularly the leaders at the moment.  Romney and Gingrich.

Neither are off to a very good start by virtue of the activities of their surrogates - the super pacs.  It seems a shame the candidates can't win the voters with solutions to our problems rather than having to diminish one another.  But diminish they do.  That tells me they don't have any solutions to begin with.  Just rhetoric.  Empty at that.

Beyond the questionable accuracy of the attack ads we have to sort through the padded resumes that are put before us.  Had any one of us in the real world padded our resumes like the candidates do we'd never have worked a day in our lives.  That is if a potential employer had the sense to see through our bloviating.

Why are we so gullible?  Why are we swayed by mean spirited half truths such as the ones continually coming from Gingrich?  Do we really want to sign off on these 'fundamental' changes he's so fond of touting?  If we do, can he deliver?  Is this personality of extremes in both ideas and temperament really representative of us?

Mr. Romney is another issue.  We're to believe that his 'experience' is the elixir of success.  In actuality his proposals differ little from what we already have. Tentative and vague.  This isn't the face of America of the past, though it seems common place now.

We tend to forget that none of the fixes proposed are going to happen over night and I don't think we're prepared for that truth. We seem to be drawn to the outrageous rather than the pragmatic.  We're in search of instant gratification where none exists. We're not listening to what the candidates are really saying nor are they listening to what we're asking of them.

The end result will boil down to the media.  They giveth and they taketh away.  They made Obama and as happens with all administrations, they are now reviled when they finally do their job.  Gingrich hasn't even waited to gain the office before he beginning his repudiation.

It makes me wonder if it matters at all who is elected.  People like me will continue to have blog fodder because promises are being ignored.  The whole process reminds me of any number of evening gab fests where the host and guests shout at one another incessantly, no one listens, no one hears and the segment is a total waste of time.

What can be done to change the tenor of the discussions so sorely needed?  I haven't a clue. Even if Bacchus were still here and we were still walking, I don't think we could go far enough to sort it out.

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Margie's Musings said...

The British have six week political campaigns. That seems great to me. I am already sick of all the wild and untrue rhetoric.