Friday, January 27, 2012

It's All In How They Speak And How They've Lived

So Mitt has a new debate coach!  It showed.  He was actually  animated and aggressive at times during last night's debate.

I watched more of it than I had intended and Romney's performance was the reason.  He still stammers over his points too much and sometimes that ever present benevolent smile gets under my skin, but it's nice to know he can muster some spunk with the proper tutelage.

Newt is another case and I've been waiting to see if it would ever happen.  He pouts when someone gets the best of him and he whines.  Can you imagine that demeanor when dealing with world leaders?  I'd much rather have a pleasant, smiling face representing us. Sincere or not is for them to figure out.

Then too there are the wives.  Both Mrs. Romney and the current Mrs. Gingrich have the worldliness to carry if off I expect.  Mrs. Gingrich has been around Washington forever and Mrs. Romney has been around Mitt.  I wouldn't anticipate either of them getting too familiar with the Queen nor asking the French to open a department store for a shopping spree.

Every election cycle I spend at least one post on the wives.  This might as well be it. I've often felt a pang of pain for the wives of politicians who stand by the side of a sinning spouse.  The pain is palpable.  I have never understood why they do it and I cheered when Jenny Sanford, wife of the former governor of South Carolina didn't.  If I remember correctly she had already taken the kids and moved out.  On the other hand I had little sympathy for Elizabeth Edwards because she was so wonderfully supportive of his presidential bid knowing full well of his infidelity.  I'm old fashioned that way, I'll admit.  Maybe it comes from being married for a very long time and having survived all the twists and turns along the way. And loving the man more today than yesterday because we did it together.

Now I look at the wives of the front runners and see two entirely different women.  Mrs. Romney strikes me as warm and friendly and strong.  One has to be if married to a politician and though he prefers to be called a 'businessman' he is a politician.  In my fantasy world Mitt would give her no reason to doubt his fidelity.

Mrs. Gingrich on the other hand is a different story.  Fidelity means nothing to her since she was involved with Newt when he asked his then wife for an open marriage.  She is always impeccably groomed yet their is a coldness about her.  I thought the same of Cindy McCain.  Neither are the type you would greet with a hug.  Something might get mussed.

The big thing that matters to me, though, is that fidelity issue.  You see,  the current Mrs. Gingrich brought just as much pain to the former Mrs. as did her husband.  Just looking at Newt, and he hasn't changed all that much over the years, I don't see her attraction to him as likely being of unquenchable passion as much as a relationship of notoriety, position and privilege.

I may be too harsh in my assessment.  That being said, all I see when I look at them is a pair of hypocrites when it comes to their faith and their marriage.  That being the case I'd rather not have them in my house.  It is mine you know - and yours.


Uncle Ron said...

Somehow I wish your blog could be printed in every editorial page in this country...You have a bright mind and a quick wit...You seem to have your finger on what is going on right now with this political Fall-der-all...I concur with just about everything you have written...As the English like to say,"Jolly good show!"

Margie's Musings said...

I agree about Gingrich. I wouldn't trust him any further than I could throw him. He's entirely too smug and sure of his so called intelligence.

Romney is another story. He is faithful, I know. His church would see to that even if he had the inclination...and he doesn't.

His church does worry me. Their members are told to "heed to council"...and they do..or else.

I know several good LDS historians who told more about their history and belief system then they wanted told and were excommunicated.

The LDS church has a lot of secrets and they are not all in their Temples.

Dogwalk said...

Thanks for the kind words, Uncle Ron!

Word Tosser said...

being this was about the wives, I agree... especially when it comes to Gingrich's wife.. like McCain's
seem so plastic like.. Barbie doll? trophy wife.. like a trophy ..cold.. I really don't mean to be cricial.. just they don't seem very life like.. Mitt's wife seems a bit more friendier..

Margie's Musings said...

Yes, Mitt's wife has a good brain as well as looks.

Anonymous said...

First, Have to echo Uncle Ron's brilliant assessment. Hat tip to your old-fashioned values, Mari, and hat tip to every couple on the face of this Earth, who value commitment no matter which way the wind is blowing.