Thursday, January 05, 2012

Newt Says "Nuts To The Country"

If there has ever been an action to illustrate how unsuitable a candidate is for President,  Newt Gingrich is showing us what it is.

He has proven what I've long thought - everything is about him and heaven help you if you cross him.  Forget the country.  Destroy the front runner because he didn't play nice.

You'd think anyone who has been in politics as long as Newt and carries his amount of baggage should have expected to be slammed at every juncture just as he was.  I thought his body language and facial expressions indicated he never expected it.  His ego is such.  He set the tone in the debates to go after Obama, not the other candidates.  Debates are one thing, an actual election or caucus is something else. He could be that naive but I doubt it.  It's ego.  Newt has spoken.  The others are expected to follow.

He could have taken the high road such as there is one in politics.  I guess that would be the equivalent of slinging mud at his opponents rather than dragging them through it.  Not much of a difference; still, a nuance.  But no.  He has lowered himself to the level he has accused Romney of holding.  He has vowed to destroy him by any means possible.  Ah, the sweet taste of revenge.

Will it work?  That remains to be seen.  If he does indeed pursue that goal he will certainly give both Santorum, his dear friend, and Perry a step up to being the Mitt alternative.  Vengeance may not sit as well with the electorate as it does with him.

Actually I think he is totally flummoxed.  He isn't thinking clearly.  He's still in the race.  Everyone is watching to see what he can do with his limited funds.  Ads, positive or negative, are expensive.  His staff is skeletal.   Is he still running for the nomination or not?  Is he just hell bent on revenge?

Romney is not the end all as a candidate.  His super PAC may have over stepped the bounds of propriety yet he's still the most likely of the Republican field to give Obama any sort of challenge.

Rick Santorum, like Newt is just another big government politician.  Look at his record.  He's also one more lawyer with no real world experience.  We've got one in office now.  If it comes down to the devil we know versus the devil we don't I'm willing to bet the electorate will vote for the one they know.  That means another term for Obama and the consequences thereof.

If that's the case, the blame will lay at Newt's feet.  If he spends the rest of his time as a candidate trying to ruin Romney, he's in essence saying nuts to the country.  His ego needs stroked more than the country needs to be rid of Obama.

If I were Santorum I'd keep the guy at arms length.  You never know what guilt by association might render. I don't think the country as a whole is looking for a Conservative, by his and Newt's definition, for President.  Even their own weren't interested in Michele Bachmann who is as conservative as they come.  They want more than that.  Things like a plan, experience and pragmatism - palpable substance.

If Newt wants to go after Romney, that's his prerogative.  If he does, I hope he takes it outside the campaign.  The party is divided enough as is. We don't need an egocentric wedge rendering it totally impotent.


Margie's Musings said...

That's the truth, Mari. Newt is something else!

Anonymous said...

Well written!

A plan sounds nice, something Newt Gingrich and all his fellow Republicans should be working on instead of attacking one another, and planting seeds of discord. Do respectful and responsible behavior in public life matter any more? Thanks for highlighting the obvious, Mari, hopefully Newt will do the right thing.

Margie's Musings said...

If he does, it will be the first time.