Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Me, Myself And I

This will be my last post until after the first of April.  It's time to recharge before spring gets here in full force.

I thought I'd just sum up my feelings about the candidates knowing full well an awful lot can happen in  a couple of weeks.

A quick look at Obama.  He's doing everything in his power to enhance his ratings. Things that go against his grain, things he doesn't want but knows the voters do.  So he's ever so grudgingly doing what he must to keep those ratings from falling further.  Of course if he really cared about the country he'd have been doing these things over the past three years in the first place.

But it isn't all about Obama wanting his way is it?  It's about what all the candidates want versus what we want.  Paul is easiest to deal with.  He's just out there doing his thing what ever that may be.  The press has declared him inconsequential so we hear nothing.

Next comes Newt.  He isn't used to rejection and isn't taking it well.  He doesn't seem to understand that he's not going to get the nomination under any circumstance.  Being able to out debate Obama isn't the way to get there. Besides, debating ability doesn't equate with the ability to govern and too many who know him well and have worked with him agree. If he cared for the country more than he hates Mitt Romney, he'd drop out.  Whether he'll be able to live off the land after Sheldon Adelson, his PAC's super benefactor, quits dropping $5million chunks into it remains to be seen.  My guess is Callista won't let him bankrupt them.  If FOX quits giving him air time he's done.

Rick Santorum.  It hasn't yet dawned on him that there are a lot of Republicans who don't necessarily want a "real conservative" for President.  A moderate Republican would be just fine.  Unlike Gingrich and Romney he's not a wealthy man plus he has a large family with special needs.  The lack of money flowing into his campaign is one sign that the necessary support just isn't there.  Ditto for Gingrich.

The fact that neither of these men has been able to put together an efficient campaign organization nor stockpile money makes me question their leadership ability. Some conservatives, oh what an illusive term, are beginning to grumble about Santorum been too conservative for their taste,  after all we're not electing the Pope.

In some respects Santorum is as guilty as the Democrats when it comes to promoting how he thinks we all should live our lives.  I expect he'll win in Louisiana but maybe not by the margins he expects.  People are tired of the name calling and whining and party in fighting. As Romney said in his victory speech last night for an entirely different reason, "Enough!"

Romney just keeps rolling along.  Mr. Excitement he isn't.  He still needs to learn how to articulate a vision for the country with some passion.  Never-the-less, doubters are beginning to lean his way because he's the most likely to get the nomination anyway.  I'd hope he'd be a better President than he is a campaigner.

I don't know if the Republicans could have mucked up this primary season more than they already have or not. It's hard to imagine.  They've already nearly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory!

I'd like to think the intrigue will be over by the time I return, but with the April primaries looming I doubt that will be the case.  For now I'll just wait to see if my analysis pans out and that sanity and unselfishness will prevail.

Right. And that's why I'm taking some time off!


Betty said...

Don't look now, but Obama's ratings have been steadily going up. Check with someone other than Fox News for the numbers .

I don't know when I have distrusted a candidate as much as I have Mitt Romney. He lies, and lies and lies. There's no telling what he really believes, other than that he believes he wants to be President. He's like George H.W. Bush in that way, but George never lied as blatantly and glibly as Mitt does. Santorum wants a Theocracy and Newt isn't really serious. He just wants money. I guess Calista is high maintenance.

Margie's Musings said...

I think you're right on, Mari. The entire slate are a bunch of losers. Even though he has the cash to get the nomination, Romney is about as exciting as Stevenson.

I'll stay with Obama even though he hasn't been about to get the Republicans to work with him. I just hope Congress will turn over and get rid of the ones who are holding up all progress.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mari!

Your keen assessment of campaign 2012 to date is spot on, but nothing really new with that observation as you seem to have a knack for getting to the heart of an issue, and addressing the matter in fair, unbiased terms. At this stage, it's looking more and more like a 2nd term for President Obama, but, as you so wisely and aptly stated, it's still a bit early to set anything into stone just yet.

Back in April to get my reading fix--enjoy reading your commentary. Happy Spring!