Sunday, March 18, 2012

Romney/Paul Paul ~ Brilliant!

It started with Gingrich I think.  When he accused Romney and Paul of ganging up on him.  Not so according to Paul.  He just doesn't like him.  You can't get more clear than that!

Then there were rumblings about the possibility of Rand being the number two on the ticket.  Now it's Ron himself.  Wow.  The Republicans have been looking for something to spice up the race.  I can't think of anything better!

Paul has money.  He has thousands of loyal followers. He has positions that are popular with an awful lot of people.  It's those few that are at odds with mainstream thinking that keep voters away from him.  And maybe his age.  But as VP?  Hey!

We don't need him to be a shadow President like Cheney was.  We certainly we don't need him to be the foot in the mouth Vice President that Biden is.  He could be given the responsibility of riding herd on a couple of his pet peeves like getting rid of the Fed or eliminating the Department of Homeland Security. He would certainly add some personality to a team which is incurably boring. He's family oriented.  And squeaky clean.  What's not to like?

If Ron is a step too far, take another look at Rand.  He is a younger version of his Dad which may be more appealing to those who worry about age though as Vice President it isn't nearly as important as President.  He'd still bring with him the Paulites and the men would temper each other.

There could still be a place for Ron in the administration.  With his views on financial responsibility he'd make a great treasury secretary.

The more I think about it the more I like it. Why should the Vice Presidency go to one of the hot shots that didn't have the guts to step forward and run when they were sorely needed?

Yeah, I know.  It's likely not to happen but if you're looking for a bold idea from someone other than Gingrich, this would be as good as any. I dare say Newt would have a hard time topping it!


Word Tosser said...

They want Newt to step down.. and he refuses... my guess is.. if Mitt were to offer him the VP spot,he would give up his run and give his votes to Mitt. Of course it would be the kiss of death for Mitt..

Anonymous said...

Hmm...a Romney-Paul ticket would be interesting...seems there is a sense of balance between the two men, where one would compliment the other.

Have to wonder if Vice-President Biden would care to debate anyone else but Ron Paul, who'd give him fits, matching his wit and candor at every turn.