Friday, April 27, 2012

Veep Sweeps

I don't remember this much attention ever being given to a potential Vice President, but since John McCain chose Sarah Palin I guess I understand why.

Usually chosen to counter balance a weakness in the Presidential candidate, the only thing Palin did for McCain's ticket was to be a female.

I haven't the worry I had with McCain.  Romney doesn't appear senile nor tempting the grim reaper.  Well, McCain is still with us so that was a worry I needn't have had.  For all my other thoughts about him, however, I have no apologies.

Now it's time to look at the choices being floated for Romney.  Have you noticed how many seem to share his lack of personality?  Maybe the theory is sleeping through his administration might be the preferable way to survive it.  Forget that many have already said they aren't interested, let's have a look.  If you follow politics you will know some of the names, but probably not all of them.  If you don't, you aren't likely to know any.  McDowell? Portman?  Martinez? Haley?  Not a lot of name recognition there.  Going into their weaknesses isn't necessary at this point.  The name or lack thereof is enough.

Who might you know?  Marco Rubio?  He says no, but never say never.  I will suggest he hasn't yet enough experience.  Condoleezza Rice?  Once a part of the inner circle was probably enough to last her a life time.  I could think of worse things than being a dean at Stanford.  Being Vice President is one of them.

Paul Ryan?  Too controversial.  Chris Christie?  Too abrasive and his weight/health might be cause for concern.  Jeb Bush said he'd 'consider' it if asked.  That's big of him.  He wouldn't run for President when asked.  And he's still a Bush and Obama might have too much fun with that.

So who's left?  I conjured up the spirit of ole Bacchus of Dogwalk fame and he sniffed out the answer in no time.  Mike Huckabee.  Perfect.  He's chunky, but not quite like Christy.  His personality runs rings around most of the others.  He has experience governing.  He's not Mormon. Wait for it.  He's an evangelical!  Talk about balancing the ticket!  Rick Santorum, eat your heart out!  You too Newt.  This guy is the real thing.  A true Christian conservative.

So there you have it.  Another Dogwalk solution front and center.

Obama may think he's the rock star, but Huckabee beats him hands down.  He can actually pick that bass.  He's pretty good, too!


Betty said...

If you had lived in Arkansas during the time Huckabee was governor, you might have a different opinion of him. He's a hypocrite, all about money, and all ego.

Mari Meehan said...

Betty, the post is supposed to be tongue in cheek!