Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One Man's Delusional Love Fest

If there was ever a reason to not vote for Newt Gingrich it's because he's truly delusional!  Yes. He's still in the race, such as it is, for the Republican nomination.

He's been spending all his time of late in Delaware, according to Politico . Even with seventeen delegates at stake in the winner take all primary, taking place today, what good will it do?  Unfortunately it will boost his confidence that he can yet become the nominee even though he needs five more wins to even get on the ballot in Tampa.

If this isn't delusional than I am.  Which could be.  Remember, though,  Delaware gave us Christine O'Donnell!  That paragon of conservatism yet even she has endorsed Romney!

One thing that is worrisome in all states is the need to be wooed by candidates.  Even though logistically it isn't always possible a certain element of voter will hold out for that personal attention whether or not the candidate is actually worthy.  This is rumored to hold true in Delaware too, though I can hope not.

Why the Republicans weren't able to field a better selection of candidates puzzles me.  There isn't one of them I feel comfortable with but at least they've winnowed it down to perhaps the least offensive.  Heck, how can someone who can't articulate an idea be offensive?

Those remaining are just as puzzling.  Ron Paul, I suppose, just wants a platform for his ideals hoping at least some of them might catch on.  Recently departed Santorum wandered too far to the right and left the comfort zone of the average voter.  Then there's our Newt. The man is the poster child of self love from his opinion of his own intellect to the sound of his own voice.

Hopefully Delaware will have learned it's lesson with Ms. O'Donnell and will not give Newt the victory he craves.  Perhaps then our attention will no longer be divided with thoughts of 'what next?'

As imperfect as the choices are, at least we'll be down to two.  My apologies to Americans Elect. Of their top five declared candidates I've heard of one and he's one in which I have no interest.  One more time it looks like our choice will be for the least offensive of two who shouldn't be there in the first place.


Margie's Musings said...

All the more reason why I will vote for Obama again. I watched Frontline last night and realized afterward what a good president he is. He can't miraculously turn the economy around after all the damage done in the last administration, but he has started the process. He could have accomplished so much more if congress would have cooperated.

His first administration worked all uphill.

I hope you all saw Frontline on PBS last night. It was all about the crash we suffered in 2008. It continues next time.

Mari Meehan said...

He accomplished nothing during the first two years, rather putting his effort into Obamacare. He had the House and the Senate.

What we'll never agree on it seems is that I'm against big government and by supporting Obama you are obviously in favor of it. To each his own! ; )