Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Administration Most Foul

When the chief law enforcement officer of the United States tells deliberate lies for the sake of votes, I don't think there is much hope for this country. Don't tell me those in other administrations have done  much the same.  Giving it a pass because someone else has done it before doesn't make it right.  It does nothing more than perpetuate wrong.

First we've been wading through the 'Fast and Furious' mess where the Attorney General has refused to produce documents subpoenaed by Congress.  I for one cannot help but wonder who is being protected and why.  If the issue was as forthright as Eric Holder would have us believe, give up the blasted documents!  But no.  The President has gotten involved and declared executive privilege.  Why?  Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.  All due respect to Sir Walter Scott.

The deceit hasn't stopped with that.  Now the Attorney General, in a speech to the NAACP, is accusing Texas of denying it's people, read blacks and Hispanics, the right to vote by requiring voter ID.  Even more to the point he's insinuating it's racist, a poll tax of sorts because those effected would probably live in rural areas and be unable to obtain the necessary ID what's more afford it.

We should as a nation be incensed.  There is nothing further from the truth.  Yes, voters in Texas are required to show some sort of identification.  It can be a driver's license, a passport, military ID, even a carry permit for a weapon! If one still needs identification after all those choices, the Texas Department of Public Safety will issue an Election ID card free for the asking.  As far as I know the U.S. Mail is still in service and if you can't write the request there is surely someone in your community that can. Of course if you can neither read nor write I don't want you voting anyway!  But that's me, my opinion, not the AG pandering for votes.

According to The Wall Street Journal poll taxes were deemed illegal in 1964 by way of the 24th Amendment. It has been tested in court as recently as 2009 and upheld.  If the AG isn't aware of this he should not be AG.  But of course he is.  That's the problem.

Okay, the rational is it's politics.  Indeed.  Leave politics to the politicians.  They're egregious enough.  The Attorney General of the United States is a law enforcement officer.  His job is to uphold the laws of the United States of America.  Not break them. Not to plead ignorance of them.  Not to ignore them.  And most certainly not to lie about them.

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