Saturday, July 14, 2012

Will The Candidates Please SAY Something!

I am sick and tired of this presidential campaign.  I don't want either man for president because neither has a clue about what's needed to get the country going again.

If Romney does, he had better start articulating it.  I seem him as a better manager than Obama, but that's about it.  He has no vision.  He has no fire.  No emotion.  It's almost like running for president is no more than another item to be checked off  the list on his timeline.  Little there to inspire.

As for Obama.  Any time he wants to stop talking about what Romney has or hasn't done in the past and what he, Obama, is going to do in the future, I might pay attention.  Otherwise he comes across to me as whining.  Mean spirited.  Clueless.

Obama does have a vision.  Oh, yes.  He wants us to be just like Europe.  Have you looked at Europe lately?  I certainly don't want our country to emulate them.  I want our country to be less about government and those who run it and more about us and what we can do and what we can be.  I know, like my Mom before me, I lived in the good old days.

The nastiness apparently isn't going to go away.  Accusing a candidate of possibly being being a felon is pretty low.  There is nothing illegal about Swiss bank accounts.  There is nothing transparent about hiding collegiate transcripts.  There is nothing honorable about circumventing congress with executive orders of questionable legality to boot.

Unfortunately one of them will win.  It does boil down to one important factor.  How much government do we want in our lives.  It's been repeated ad nauseam.  We know exactly where Obama stands.  He has made no secret of it.  What he hasn't spelled out is where the government is going to get the money to fulfill his lofty ambitions with our economy in the tank.  Raising taxes on the rich won't cut it.

With Romney who knows?  Considering his business background I'd expect him to be a champion for free enterprise.  I'm not going to go to his website and read his 59 point explanation of how he's going to revive the economy to free our enterprises however.  I want him to tell me!  With passion and conviction.  Convince me he can do it.  But, no, all we get is defense against Obama's groundless accusations.

Some choice.  What has happened to us?


Mrs. Mac said...

Good commentary! I agree! We met a LONG time ago at a Huckleberry blogfest (see post/comments here:

Just saying hello. I'm off to read a little more of your blog.

Margie's Musings said...

We are stuck...that's what has happened. I certainly don't want a multimillionaire who hasn't a clue what we middle class people need. And I too am sick of the mud slinging from both of them.

Mari Meehan said...

Mrs. Mac, welcome aboard! I remember how taken I was with your editing of the Blogfest photos! That was the memorable one with Doug Clark. You'll note I now use my given name rather than Dogwalk though more people know me by the pseudonym!

You are quite a remarkable woman and mother. I'm delighted to have rekindled the acquaintance.

Word Tosser said...

I wholeheartly agree with you Mari, that is why I have opted out of writing anymore post about it. Or even getting into conversations with others about the election. Tired of the viciousness, lies, spins and etc. Been a happier summer due to that attitude.
So come Nov. it will be another lesser of the two evils type of a vote.. and both of them are running a dead heat of down side..
Maybe I will vote.. NONE OF THE ABOVE..

Anonymous said...

Another well-written piece, Mari. Too bad a more sensible candidate like you isn't one of our choices this year. Have a great week!