Sunday, July 15, 2012

Condi Won't Be VP

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I'm going to stick my neck out on this one.  Ever since this trial balloon was floated a spark of enthusiasm has emanated from the apathetic.  For naught I'm afraid.

Let's face it, she has the foreign policy creds Romney lacks.  She knows her way around Washington and the world.  She's a highly educated, experienced and articulate woman.  Frankly, I think she'd be wasted in the job.

I'm going to take her at her word.  Since she is not a politician I've some confidence in doing so.  She doesn't want the job.  Maybe even more, though she is politic enough not to say it, she doesn't want to share a losing ticket.

Romney has said she is not in the running for she is not 100% pro life.  That is no reason not to choose her.  The pro-lifers need to get real and understand their issue is but one and certainly not the most pressing facing this country.  Like the tea party, they have no tolerance for gray.  The world is full of grays.  Actually it can be a most effective nuance.

But if you want to argue the pro life issue, Ms. Rice is  on record as saying she is against late-term abortions and for notifying parents of minors seeking abortion.  Those are pretty strong points.

Where the absolutist pro lifers and I disagree may just be the most important.  She is quoted as saying, "I have not wanted to see the law changed because it's an area that I worry about the government being involved in."  Amen.

Don't expect the perfect vice presidential candidate.  First of all there is no such thing - the perfect candidate.  Just look at the two running for President!

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