Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rested And Ready

We really wanted to get away but had no particular plan other than taking our feather bed to Three Dog Down in Polson, MT to have it refluffed and to take care of some business in Deer Lodge.

Hub then decided he'd like a really nice dinner so he pointed the Old Bat's Mobile south and off we went - to Vegas.  It was an interesting drive.  I'm not sure which was more scary - the political sign pollution or the Halloween decorations along the way.  I wish we had taken the time to snap pictures of some of the creative displays we saw.  It's amazing what ranchers in the middle of nowhere can come up with.

The one thing that really struck us was how empty every place was.  Motels weren't full nor were the restaurants.  There wasn't much traffic. It wasn't the weather.  For the most part it was quite pleasant.  It wasn't the time of year.  Mid-October is a popular time to travel. Do you suppose it could have been the economy?

It was almost eerie.  Usually when we stop for dinner we overhear parts of conversations.  If people were seated near us, meaning we weren't the only customers, no one was talking politics.  Perhaps like me they are just plain tired of it.  I couldn't bring myself to listen to any part of the last debate so we ate in a sports bar and watched football.  We didn't even tune in the news when we got back to our room because I didn't want to hear any of the spin.  I slept sooo well!

The really big surprise, though, was Las Vegas.  It was empty by Vegas standards.  The casinos were quiet, the stores empty, the streets quiet.  There were more outright beggars on the overpasses bridging the Strip than usual.  Do you suppose it could have been the economy?

Being in early enough to poke around a bit I suggested we stop in the MGM Grand and see the lions.  We couldn't find them!  I finally found a security guard and asked what was up.  He told me management, in it's infinite wisdom, got rid of the lions in January to make room for a new eatery - that will sit empty along with all the others.  We both scratched our heads over that one!  Especially considering the economy.

We meandered our way back north through central Nevada and Ketchem and Sun Valley and finally back to Polson to pick up the feather bed then home. Traffic was a breeze, merchants and eateries were glad to see us but otherwise no one bothered us. There was no one to bother us. Do you suppose it could have been the economy?

A week to go now until the election.  I'm rested and ready to see it through to the end.  If it is the economy, I guess we'll then know.

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Tommy said...

Welcome home Mari. Missed your witty posts. Now I understand why...