Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy Ben Gazi - Fact Or Fiction?

The phones are ringing everywhere.  The Situation Room.   CIA, National Security and State. The Oval Office.  A massive storm is hitting the entire east coast of the United States!

What kind of storm?

A hurricane some 900 miles wide!

Are you sure it's a hurricane?  Not a tropical depression or a mere thunder storm?

It's a hurricane!  The hurricane hunters have flown through it and verified it!  The National Weather Service has maps showing it.

We'll have to study their data to make sure it's correct.

We need an executive order to evacuate!

No.  We have no actionable data.  Let's not be too hasty lest we have something to answer for down the road.  We wouldn't want to offend anyone.

But the people who are there say so!  Turn on your TV!  It's right there in real time.

Well, it does appear to be raining but I don't see any evidence of debris in the area.  We can't send people in to be sure in case you're right.  We'd be putting them in danger.

Isn't that why they're there?  Isn't it their job?

Only when we have actionable data and wouldn't offend anyone.

What the H*** is that if not what you see and are being told??

A Day Later at a News Briefing

Why wasn't an evacuation order given?

We had no verification of how severe the storm might ultimately be.

But you had real time reports from everyone from the hurricane hunters aloft to the people at ground zero!

We needed time to study their input but rest assured we'll find out who's responsible and deal with them appropriately?

It was an act of God; Mother Nature.  What's appropriate?

Talk it to death and hope it goes away.

Another Day Later

The phones are ringing everywhere.  The Situation Room.  CIA, National Security, State.  The Oval Office.  There are reports of massive flooding from the recent storm.  Property damage is in the billions.  People are stranded without power, transportation or food.

What kind of flooding?  We'll have to study it to see if it's severe enough to warrant our attention.  We can't send our people into life threatening situations.

Isn't that why they're there?  Isn't it their job?

Only when the data is actionable and we have to study it to be sure.  We don't want to offend anyone.

Where's the President on this?

Ummm.  I think he went to Las Vegas.  He had actionable information there was money to be collected.

For the storm and flood victims?

No.  That's not the kind of redistribution he's advocating at this point.  We'll have to study the storm and flood victims to determine if they've really suffered losses severe enough to warrant distribution of funds somewhere other than where we'd prefer.

The People Speak 

Why did you let my son die?  Why did you let my town disappear?  Why didn't you send help?  Why didn't you tell us the truth?  Why did you cover it up?

I'm shocked and offended that anyone would suggest we've been less than honest with you.  It's arm chair quarterbacking on your part.  You should be ashamed. You weren't there.  You don't have all the facts.  It isn't easy ignoring the obvious.

Isn't there an election coming up?


Well, we won't ignore the obvious.  Voting is actionable.  Good luck with that!


Tommy said...

Mari, I'm wondering if you might have some underlying message in this post. Like, let's get to the truth!

Word Tosser said...

I don't know.. I saw Gov Christie telling the people to get out of town..the day before.. and the next morning was ticked off because they didn't leave.. I saw on the national news that the winds were 95 to 102.. and anyone who has ever lived on the East Coast knows that, that is killer weather.. to get on high ground.. but like with most things.. the dumb people don't leave.. they think they know better.. but as soon as the water flows by, they hang out their windows crying the blues.. sorry you just can't fix stupid.. and yes, even the President told them two days before.. if your officials are telling you to leave.. then LEAVE.. You lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink.. everyone saw on all news for a week.. that it was going up the coast and then in land. I saw it.. so others had to be watching. My relatives who live back there took measures.. some people refuse to listen..

Mari Meehan said...

word Tosser, Neither you nor Margie seem to get the gist of this post. I purposely did not publish her comment because of that. I debated whether or not to post yours. Perhaps you can get a better handle on it as you witness the aftermath of the storm and what is and is not happening.