Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I Am So Ashamed Of My Generation!

It's one thing when a political ad utilizes a group of children singing about the America we can expect if Mitt Romney wins.  The lyrics are vile and the parents who allowed their children to be used in this manner need some serious scrutiny.

It's another thing when a hot young comic likens voting for the first time to having sex the first time.  The President is supposedly "cool" and this ad was targeted at the young hoping to perpetuate the myth.  It wasn't very Presidential but "Presidential" behavior has gone by the way side long ago.

The one that really irritates me is Michael Moore's latest for the Move On organization.  A Message from the Greatest Generation.  That would be me and mine.  Filmed in a nursing home, it shows reason why many of we elderly will fight, literally to the death, to stay out of one.  It is wrought with vulgarity aimed at the Republicans in general and Mitt Romney in particular.

Now I understand not agreeing with either.  But to stoop to this to deliver a message?  They obviously think they are being clever and cute.  I thing they are being rude and vulgar and I'm embarrassed for them, myself and the generation they claim to represent.

They don't represent me.  Unlike the kids, they knew exactly what they were doing. The question is why?  What did Michael Moore promise them?  Was there anything more than the chance to be on television?  Is that in of itself a good enough reason?

As I age I find myself fighting patronization.  It happens more and more the more my appearance belies my age.  But I don't have to like it and I don't have to invite it.  Do we no longer expect to be respected by those younger than ourselves?  Or our peers for that matter?

That Michael Moore has no respect for you is also obvious.  He who supposedly stands for the little guy yet hasn't the discipline to push away from the table which he must sit at quite a bit is making a mockery of you.  And with you all the rest of us.

It's the time of year the news is filled with scams being perpetuated on seniors.  Are we as a generation no longer able to recognize them?  Or are we just greedy.  The chance for something easy.  Money.  Fifteen minutes of fame in a television commercial which will have run it's course by next Tuesday.  No wonder we're patronized so often.

You should be ashamed. You make us look like doddering old fools.  But maybe this is how you've always been.  Mean spirited and foul mouthed.  When it's bemoaned so many seniors have no visitors once in a home, it isn't hard to see why.  Often it's said they're mean and no one wants to spend time with them.  It's said if they are a mean old person they were probably a mean young person.  Amen to that but it's still inexcusable.

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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you and a great many others represent the saving grace of any generation, Mari. If takes people of strong character to do the right/fair/just thing regardless of who may be offering 30 pieces of silver. Sadly, the state of politics has become less about promoting the best interest of all and more about a "what's in it for me" attitude. There's hope as long as you and others like you stand on principle than selling out to the highest bidder.