Thursday, November 01, 2012

Mitt, Why?

With the election nearly upon us, I'm astounded by the continuing evidence of bad judgement.  I surmise it's the single most reason the polls show it to be nearly even.  It shouldn't be.  Well, that's not true.  Both parties have morphed into something beyond recognition from what they were not so many years past. When it was about country, not individual.  Both parties have stretched truth to the breaking point.  The last thing anyone needs is a flash point.

So what happens?  A flash point.  This time from the Romney camp and his ad about Jeeps and China.  Technically the ad does not lie.  Fiat did buy Chrysler including the Jeep division.  And yes, they are going to put a Jeep production line into China.  That is a far cry from moving Jeep to China costing American jobs.  Unless you expect Fiat, an Italian company, to build Jeeps for the Chinese market in the U.S.  From a business perspective, it makes no sense.  Manufacturing costs here are higher, thank the unions.  Plus the cost of shipping the Jeeps overseas. Plus it's not even an American company, per se, any more!

It's like me and my KIA.  It's a Korean automobile but it's made in the States for our market and employs untold numbers of Americans.  Cost effective?  Well, we could afford one.

Is the misleading ad working for Romney?  Who knows, but was it necessary to mislead?  Who knows.  You could say fair is fair considering all the trash put out by both campaigns but at this point I think the voters are numb to it.  At least I am.

I'd like to think in these last few days the closing arguments would be about whose vision of    how the country should be managed would be of utmost importance, but no.  It seems we'll go down to the wire seeing who is the most effective manipulator of facts. With four days left, will the Democrats have one last flash point to offer up?  With Biden it's possible.  Will the Republicans?  I wouldn't be at all surprised.  No one seems to know when to hold 'em or fold  'em.

I expect a post election mess with voting irregularities already in evidence.  It may well be Thanksgiving before we know who won.

At least we'll then have something to be thankful for.  It will finally be over.  Until the next time.


Word Tosser said...

if it wasn't for the damage to all the people... we could pray for another hurricane... it was quiet for a day or two..

Twin City Joan said...

As far as I am concerned, this campaign started the day Obama took office. I am thoroughly sick of it. I wonder how many people have turned off because of the way too many ads and their tone. Quite honestly, I think the next campaign will start before the winner is sworn into office.

Mari Meehan said...

Word Tosser, Better to leave off the TV than pray for another hurricane! Next thing you know they'll be wanting to run a marathon through the devastation!