Friday, November 02, 2012

There Are No Super Heros, Only Flawed Mortals

This will be my last post until after the election.  My ballot has been cast and I'm headed out of the country.  I cannot leave without a few final thoughts.

If Mitt Romney should win, we really have no idea of what we'll be getting.  I am relatively sure he is for less government and regulation.  He does understand how America became great and how important the private sector, business, is to that end.  I believe he is a good man but I have no idea how strong he would be in the face of an uncooperative Congress.  Can he make good on what he's promised any more than Obama could?  It's hard to say since many of them were made for political expediency.  The same holds true for Obama.

If Obama should win I foresee a continuation of what we are currently facing.  A sluggish economy, a muddled foreign policy, bigger and bigger government and the diminished rights that come with it.  A debt that continues to grow though we're perilously close to our borrowing limit which will bring with it the slow and agonizing  process of shutting down.

I see Barack Obama as a caring husband and father.  I do not see him as a good President because of his unwillingness or inability to see beyond his own wants and beliefs, with which I mostly disagree. It has nothing to do with what he inherited.  In four years time there should be at least a modicum of progress.  Not the stalemate we have. But then I'm not really sure he wanted progress.  It curbs the need for massive government.

I voted for Obama four years ago.  I chose not to my homework but bought in to the hope and change mantra even when it was shown to be the antithesis of what I believed.  I believed he would be a better choice than McCain, Hillary or any of the others.  I wanted to believe in him and it was easy because he was an unknown.  I could create whatever I wanted and place it into that empty suit.

He has turned out not to be a super hero but merely a man.  He is flawed like all of us.  So is Mitt Romney, just a man. And flawed.

What their motivations for running happen to be is a good question.  What drives their teams to the lowest depths of deceit and decency is a good question.  If it isn't for the good of the country, is it merely for the power?  For their egos?  To complete their life's agenda? Whatever it is, I'm left feeling uncomfortable.  Because it seems more about them than us.

I wonder what manner of man allows such in their name because it does come down to the individual.  There was a time I thought America was better than this, but that was before I delved into the politics of politics.

I wonder how a country can be great when those elected come to office on promises they don't hold sacred nor, even if they did, have a reasonable chance of keeping.  I wonder how a country can be great when those elected are more interested in their own private agenda than ours.

I wonder how a country can be great when the world thinks less and less of it and its leaders won't acknowledge the truth of it and work to remedy it.

I wonder how a country can be great when its people and press turn a blind eye and deaf ear to it.

I'll be monitoring the results from afar,  reading the reactions of a foreign press.  It will be interesting to see if friends will be commiserating with us or congratulating us.  It's good, sometimes, to have a first hand look at how others perceive us.  What better time than next Wednesday?


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Tommy said...

"My ballot has been cast and I'm headed out of the country."

Gee Mari, sounds like that old saying.. I'm gettin' out of Dodge. :-)

OK the election's over. You can come home now...

Anonymous said...

Another excellent post, Mari! Well-written and well said. Wish yesterday's outcome would have come out different, but it's time to circle the wagons so to speak, and hope for the best. Safe travels while you're away.