Wednesday, November 14, 2012

One Step At A Time

Where there's life there's hope.  I hope.  Amid all the ugliness going on in the administration, Congress has it's own share.  First, Nancy Pelosi has decided not to retire.  Second, Harry Reid has declared he will not bring Social Security to the table. Swell.

Nothing new here.  I don't know about you, but I don't think the Democrats received any sort of mandate, especially for obstinance.

Perhaps, however, there is a faint light flickering at the end of the tunnel.  One lonely Democrat has said he will oppose Nancy Pelosi's bid to remain  minority leader.  He tried before and failed when he backed Heath Shuler who did not seek re-election this cycle.

But he's trying again.  Even though he expects to lose again, at least he is making a statement that all Democrats should heed.  He told The Salt Lake Tribune  that Pelosi contributed to the polarization by squeezing out moderates and that the Democrats need leadership that will work in a more constructive way.  Wow! Three cheers for Mr. Matheson! He is a brave man because it means he will be a target of Ms. Pelosi.

He won, narrowly, an interesting campaign against Mia Love.  Black. Female. Mormon. Republican.

I liked what I saw of her and had high hopes she would win.  She was the victim of some pretty nasty threats but I think not from the Matheson camp. He was a six term incumbent and she was - well, who she was.

I hope she will re-emerge somewhere along the way.  She's an inspirational story.  But for now Mr. Matheson holds the seat and has the courage to do what is right.  Oppose an obstructive leadership.  If only someone would do the same in the Senate!

Of course, if the Republicans had gotten their at act together, it would probably not have  been an issue in the first place. But it was and is. It's nice to see that a Democrat here and there also realize their party needs a push in a more productive direction. That it's not just the Republicans fault nothing gets done. One step at a time may be agonizingly slow, but it's a start.

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