Thursday, November 15, 2012

Republicans And The Vision Thing

Ah, the blame game among Republicans is alive and well.  Some are actually getting the reasons for their loss right.  It makes me wonder why they didn't see it before the election.  A lot of us did!

Romney has come up with a reason Bobby Jindal totally rejects.  Romney, displaying a classic case of tunnel vision, says it's because of the 'gifts' promised to special groups - everything from cell phones to interest on student loan forgiveness.  He is right.  Throwing those bones to certain groups did  buy votes. It is, however, not even close to the whole reason.

That's what Jindal is telling us.  He thinks the terminology is divisive.  Well, so was the action.  He goes on to point out, however, it as far more the writing off of the 'takers' rather than trying to embrace them  and present them with a path to escape having to 'take'. That would be a real vision and was totally missing from both the Republican and Democratic campaigns.

There are takers, real ones.  They make up no majority other than getting the bulk of slanted news coverage.  America did not get to be the most powerful nation in the world on the back of takers.  Doers.  Now that's a different story.

It's not the doers fault he lost.  They're too busy trying to keep it together.  Trying not to lose their jobs or businesses or homes.  Trying to put food on their tables and gas in their cars.  And a lot of them didn't vote.  They're tired of voting against a candidate rather than for one.

Those who did vote were the Democratic base under the direction of a superb 'get out the vote' strategy.  The Republicans left it to chance and failed.

I hope Jindal is representative of a new breed of Republican who realizes connecting with the people is important.  Articulating the problems and solutions to them is important. And in line with what Romney has said, rather than 'gifting' those with explicit needs, embrace them, listen to them and work with them to fulfill those needs. Not pitting one group against another.

I'm no longer an Obama fan.  I think he's obstinate and short sighted. He had no vision nor accomplishments on which to run, which is why he ran the dirty campaign he did. The irony of it is it wasn't really necessary.

Romney too was obstinate and short sighted.  The Republicans were arrogant and divisive and often condescending.  We talk a lot about the need for compromise in Congress.  The Republicans could use a bit within their own party.

In order to win they are actually going to have to find common ground with the Democrats when it comes to issues.  Their job then will be to convince the voters their solutions are better and more encompassing than the Democrats.  What's so hard about that?

The Democrats face the same problem not far down the road.  They too could use new leadership. In four years Hillary will be 69.  Biden, who also wants to run, along with Reid and Pelosi will be into their 70s.

Compare them with the up and coming Republicans.  They're a younger lot and capable of being nearly as 'cool' as Obama. Certainly as politically capable and in many case far more so. Hopefully their ideas and abilities will be as fresh as their faces.

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