Sunday, November 25, 2012

What's Next?

It's too soon for New Year resolutions which I don't make anyway.  It's not too soon to gaze into my crystal ball and prognosticate about the future. At least what I anticipate for Obama's second term.

We have re-elected a President who has no taste for conflict, especially with Congress. He becomes an absolute dictator and the Republicans cave in or just plain become obstinate. Neither works.

Overseas it's a different story.  I expect Obama will nominate Susan Rice to be Secretary of State.  Some say she doesn't have the temperament though I'm not sure what the proper temperament is. Giving out misleading information about Benghazi isn't reason enough to deny her.  She was just being a good soldier and doing as she was told. That's the type Presidents want around themselves so Obama is getting exactly what he wants.  My main objection is that she's a woman.  I've long held that a woman cannot be as effective as a man in dealing with stone age patriarchal societies.

Even though Morsi seized unprecedented powers before Hillary's plane cleared Egyptian air space I expect she'll get the Nobel Prize for Peace.  Those guys love to award it for nonaccomplishment.

The cease fire won't hold.  Iran is already loading ships to rearm Hamas.  Hamas demands will not be seriously considered by Israel and the entire Middle East will slowly succumb to the will of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Afghanistan will kick us out before the end of 2013. Karzai does not want to be beholden to outsiders, especially us, no matter how much he needs our money.  We will not agree to allow our military to be subject to Afghan law.  At least I hope we won't.  But with this President you can never be sure.

We should, but won't start withholding the billions in aid we distribute throughout the region.

The Iraq war was said to be all about oil. With fracking technology our resources are available such as they have never been before. Unfortunately, the environmentalists and the regulation mad administration will make it one furious fight. The choice is between allowing the extraction of our own resources or remaining beholden to the Middle East.  Think of what those billions sent over their could do to avoid the fiscal cliff over here if only we would play hardball with the enemy instead of with ourselves.

Obamacare will begin to crumble from it's own weight before it's even implemented.  The states will fight aspects of it even if Congress won't.  They can't afford it and they don't trust the feds.

The economy will limp along with tiny steps forward and tiny steps back.  What happens overseas will have a great deal of bearing on what happens to us but for the foreseeable future they'll remain stalled.

The Republicans will remain a split party with the social conservatives refusing to understand many don't agree with their social agenda.  The Tea Party will lose it's clout if it continues to pair with the social conservatives bringing with it an unwillingness to be reasonable.  The moderates will continue to lose seats and voice and the Party will cease to be what it once was.

The Democrats will continue to chip away by default then all of a sudden the country will awaken from it's nightmare and wonder what happened.  What did? We were dreaming the impossible dream - that we could survive selfishness and greed and apathy yet thrive.

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Margie's Musings said...

The rich, under Reagan, who they worshiped, were taxed more then ever before. No one complained because he was a Republican.

But if the Democrats attempt to let the Bush tax cuts expire they will have a fit.

Medicare needs a fix and they most reasonable one is to remove payments to the rich. And the same is true of Social Security. I used to work for a multi-millionare who collected his and his wife's social security faithfully and banked their checks.