Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Wrath Of God

If there is anything that frightens me more than a wacked out person with guns, bullets and a rage, it's those who tell us 26 people in Connecticut were killed because we as a people have turned our back on God.

Everyone from James Dobson to Mike Huckabee have alluded to that idea.  We've rejected God so what do you expect?  We've accepted gay marriage.  We've accepted abortion.  We don't allow prayer in public schools.

According to Operation Save America, a fundamental Christian organization, the interfaith service was an "affront to almighty God." They go on to tell us the reason is that we have "violently removed the fear of almighty God from the hearts of our children."

So He sanctioned some nut case to go out and slaughter them?  Please.  Or maybe He didn't sanction it but just turned His back while it was happening.  After all, Bryan Fischer,  tells us He didn't intervene because He doesn't go where He's not wanted.  It might help if the children would start every day with a prayer.

You know, I think these people are terrorists in their own right.  They are so sanctimonious they actually believe this.  I have to ask, then, why would any one cater to God's teachings?  We question what kind of god Islamists believe in.  What kind of god calls for the extermination of all infidels and relegates women to being little more than property with which to propagate. Who will shoot innocent little girls because they want an education. In his name.

Is this God so different?  Is this what is meant when they claim we've removed the fear of almighty God? I didn't think that's what God-fearing meant.  I thought it meant being fervently religious.  Not being scared to death.

Scared to death indeed.  That God would reign such horror upon innocent children because some adults have snubbed Him or have dared question Him? No, that's no one that deserves a capital G in his name.  Whoever he is and those who would force his will upon us are monsters every bit as horrible as the shooter.  Conjecture tells me it's also blasphemy.  What happened to the loving and benevolent God who died for our sins? Is He really now killing our children for them?


Word Tosser said...

these are mere human beings who THINK they know what God wants and does.. mere humans who have no clue.. only their own warp opinions..
Doesn't sound like the God I know.. because it isn't.. just mouthy humans..

Margie's Musings said...

Oh how I agree with you this time, Mari. I guess that's why I refuse to listen to those talking heads programs. They are so irrational.

I don't see why we have allowed assault weapons to be sold to individuals in our society or multitudes of clips of ammunition either. What hunter needs dozens of rounds of ammo to shoot a dear?

But an affront to a loving God? That's simply ludicrous. God grieves with us when these things happen. It happens because it's a matter of an individual's choice.

God had nothing to do with it.