Wednesday, December 19, 2012

In The Spirit Of The Holiday - Congress Go Home

I've been thinking lately, I've never seen Harry Reid look like a nice man.  His usual countenance, frowning, colorless and cold seems to reflect his view of leadership. Oh, yeah, and doing nothing.  He's good at that.

Now if only the Republicans would learn how to capitalize on that.  But they won't.  They live in a bubble of their own making and don't see things that are obvious to those of us outside looking in.

One, the President does not want to avoid the fiscal cliff that really isn't a cliff.  Why?  Because he would have to give something and that is not in his nature.  He is Lucy to Boehner's Charlie Brown. And Charlie falls for the ploy every time.

It's time the Republicans realize some truths.  No matter how many promises are made to discuss spending cuts and tax reform down the road they are empty promises.  It won't happen, or if they do it will be the same football and the same game.

The President isn't all that unlike Egypt's Morsi.  He wants unprecedented and unfettered powers to tax, borrow and spend as he pleases.  Period.  Harry Reid is complicit in the scheme by refusing to bring anything to the floor that is sent up from the House.  I think it should be mandatory, actually, for the Senate to vote on legislation originated in the House and let the chips fall where they may.  I also think members of both Houses should not be intimidated by their leadership.  Committee assignments and chairmanships should not be the determining factor of their votes.  It should be what their constituents want.

The Republicans on the other hand want some balance and have actually come up with some feasible ideas on how to accomplish it.  Their problem is they don't know how to articulate it to the American people.  I've never seen politicians so tongue tied about important issues yet so verbose when it comes to accusations and name calling. The Republicans need a face and a voice.  If Jeb Bush wants to be President next go round then he should take the bull by the horns now and start talking.  Or any of the potential candidates.

If someone doesn't, we're doomed to more of the same game playing for the next four years.

For now, however, I hope what I read is correct. That Boehner is going to pass Plan B which at least makes the tax hikes eminently more fair by raising the level to earners of over $1 million.  Too much is still off the table but one thing else they need to learn is it's better to take small chunks as they can get them than to hold out and get nothing.

Well, I can dream can't I?  Realistically I know it's going to be more of the same and ugly.  I know our country is changing drastically.  I'm of the school that thinks it's for the worse and  do not see it changing for the better for a long time to come if ever.

But 'tis the season for dreams.  Maybe I can conjure up some sugar plum fairies.

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