Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Two Different Worlds - Ours And Theirs

We're doomed.  We really are.  We've just been witness to a spectacle that should never have happened.  You'd think with all the puffery and preening going on today Congress actually accomplished something for the people.

Well, they did if you think raising taxes as a stand alone will solve our economic woes.  It won't.  But then we know that the President has no intention of cutting spending nor containing government so we might as well accept it.

The economy is going to continue to suffer.  There will be no tax 'reform'.  Only increases.  One more time they cobbled together a 'make do' that does nothing but please the President who has declared the rich the enemy.  Strange since he depends on them so much for important things like his inaugural hoopla and campaign funds.  Well, at least that much has ended unless he figures he can run again by executive order.

Why am I so angry?  I'm angry because they can't, won't or are just plain lying about Benghazi.  I'm angry because the President can't even stick around Washington long enough to sign his shiny new legislation.  He can't wait to spend another $7,000,000 to get back to his golf games in Hawaii.  I'm  angry because while blaming the Republicans for everything the Democrats won't even bring legislation to the floor nor produce a budget in the Senate. I'm angry because the Republicans are so darn feckless.  I'm angry because they pass legislation without reading it.

Most of all I'm angry about their blatant hypocrisy.  Tax the bejabbers out of us so you can spend it on wind farms and electric cars.  But help us when we really need it?  Not a chance.  You'd think with all the pork that was extended in this new shiny legislation, like subsidies to wind farms and NASCAR teams and movie producers that they just might have put in a provision to get the aid money to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  But no.

Did you know those poor people are still waiting?  Unsure of where they can go because the lodging  vouchers from FEMA are expiring?  Unsure if they can rebuild or get a new job or even eat?  Voting for this aid didn't have to wait. When was the hurricane?  Late October!

Why was it delayed?  Because the $60 billion tag is too expensive and there's not enough oversight for how it is to be spent.  Go ahead, Mr. Boehner.  Spend Christmas in your car in front of the house you can't inhabit and see if you still feel the same. While you're complaining about lack of oversight,  how about some oversight on how the President squanders our money on his pet projects?

And you Mr. Issa, one of the most wealthy in Congress, how dare you whine that the bill  has been sitting idle because it's filled with pork.  Yes.  It is and who's fault is that?  Yet the people of Sandy sit and wait and wait and wait.  They don't want the pork.  They want their lives back.

You're worthless.  All of you. You should all be ashamed of your self-congratulatory behavior for this past couple of weeks showboating. And we too should be ashamed that we didn't have the guts to turn you out at the polls.  All of you.  Including the President.  That's why I'm angry.

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Word Tosser said...

I guess Gov. Christie read the riot act and told them, shame on them.. so they went back and band aid it until next week...
This Congress soap opera, wore me out two months ago...
The real welfare bums are in Washington, DC... in Congress