Thursday, January 03, 2013

Republicans Need Squeaky Wheels

The press has been asking if Chris Christie's outburst against his own party would hurt his Presidential prospects.  Considering the meek and mild party leaders we see before us, it figures that the consensus is yes.  I heartily disagree!  If anything, the Republicans need more like him.

First of all, Mr. Christie has never been what you might call meek.  That was part of his appeal when he was being encouraged to toss his hat in the ring this last go round.  So why the change of heart?  Are the Republicans so cowed by their opposition and even could be supporters that they have to parse every word and mannerism?

Christie was roundly criticised when he welcomed Obama for a typical PR photo op after Hurricane Sandy did its dirty deed.  He's even been blamed for Romney's loss for having given Obama a chance to look Presidential.  Let's get real here.  Obama was the man who could move things forward.  That he opted not too is hardly Christie's fault.  It was a calculated risk and one he felt necessary for the victims of the storm residing in his state.  His constituents.  Both Republicans and Democrats.  To heck with the election! He wasn't running for office and if Romney couldn't hold his own so be it.

Now, once again, he's being criticised for having blasted Speaker Boehner and Congress for not yet having gotten much needed aid to these very same victims. Blasphemy!  He criticised his own party!

Well, I'll tell you what.  Both parties could use a lot more Chris Christies.  Here is a politician that actually cares about his constituents.  If his own party isn't getting it done he's not afraid to say so.  How amazingly refreshing!

It's far too soon to determine who will be leading the pack in either party at this point.  We have four years to muddle through first.  I do know one thing, however, as I watch candidates emerge I know who I'll be comparing them against.  Yep.  Mr. Christie.

Someone who is willing to stand up and tell the people what it's all about is what we need.  Romney didn't.  He was too worried about offending someone.  Boehner and McConnell spoke among their inner circles but never got their argument out to the people nor their membership.  Communication is fast becoming a lost art.

We're so used to sound bites we have lost the patience to listen for substance.  We love flash and flourish.  It's catchy.  It's memorable even if it's an outright untruth.  We're mentally lazy.

So go for it Mr. Christie.  You may not have the eloquence of some of the other politicos waiting in the wings but you do have the substance. So you can be considered abrasive on occasion.  I can live with that it you're telling me to get off my duff and pay attention; to get with the program.

Wouldn't a whole presidential field of similar candidates be absolutely wonderful?  Squeak away Mr. Christie.  There's plenty of grease to be had.  In some circles it may be considered slime but then you know what to do with that.  Just make yourself heard.


Margie's Musings said...

I was impressed with Christie too, Mari. I like a politician with guts. That's just what we need. Of course we don't know what that sort of personality would be like as president.

Tommy said...

On this Mari, we are totally in agreement.. :-)

Thanks for voicing it.