Friday, February 08, 2013

That's A Lot Of Bullets!

When I read that Janet Napolitano is considering a run for President I cringed. I've not been a fan of her policies but then there are few coming from this administration of which I am a fan.

That being said, I began to wonder about our current debate over gun control and what the actions of the department of Homeland Security would mean to us under a Napolitano presidency.

It seems they have a stockpile of 1.6 billion rounds on ammunition acquired over the past 10 months. They are now ready to acquire 21.6 million more! Do you know how many wars can be fought with that amount? Using numbers from the height of action in Iraq when U.S. soldiers used 5.5 million a month it comes out to be enough for about 30 years.

Even with selling guns to follow the Mexican drug cartels, I should hope we're not selling them the ammunition too!  Nor are we doing much to secure the border thus not needing huge numbers of rounds there.  So what's the deal?

Are they expecting the citizenry to rise up in rebellion?  Is homegrown terrorism vast enough to warrant supplying armies?  Sure there have at times been a shortage of bullets, but that usually comes about when the government makes noises about relieving us of our weapons.

Other than that the reason for such largess escapes me.  Do they fear an invasion?  If so from whom and wouldn't the military be handling it anyway?  Do they think the rag tag militias are suddenly going to band together and take on the government from within?  I know they think they can, but that's where it mostly ends.  Wishful thinking.

It could be for training purposes, but not that many and certainly they don't need hollow points for target practice.

So why? Are they that afraid of us?  Talk about paranoia.  It's usually we the people who are thus accused, not the government.  Just think.  In this time of budgetary constraints, think of the money that could be saved by not stockpiling!

Better yet, think about what a Napolitano presidency would mean.  It's bad enough to relinquish your rights when you have to fly. But to know the weaponry that those who are supposedly there to protect us but are really enforcers of unpopular policy have available to them?

With news like this making the rounds, don't expect attempts at limiting our access to automatic weapons and fistfuls of bullets to get any easier!

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