Thursday, February 07, 2013

Iran To The U.S. ~ Up Yours!

As the world watches, they see the U.S. becoming weaker and weaker.  They know now, after  Secretary of Defense Panetta's testimony, that Obama wasn't glued to his seat as the Benghazi debacle unfolded as he had been with bin Laden.  After all, in this case it was our people under attack.

They also have it confirmed that Hillary was no where to be found.  They also know that she had next to no power, it being held close to the vest in the White House. Being a much traveled super star was no more than that.

For what ever reason, we've decided to make delivery of tanks and fighters plus millions in military aid to Egypt even though their only use for them is against Israel. Turkey at least has a few anti-missile batteries to protect it's already over run borders from Syria.  Which, by the way, continues to disintegrate.  Don't forget about our support of Algeria and Mali in their struggle against terrorists if you can find any.

We have a potential head of the CIA in favor of using drones to attack American citizens on singular discretion without consequence and a potential Secretary of Defense who favors dialog over action when it comes to Iran's nuclear program.

North Korea is threatening us again.  They'd like us to believe their people are dreaming of nuclear attacks against our cities.  The problem with their propaganda video is that the people no doubt do dream of it because they've been so ordered plus no way to know that thinking of the U.S. as their enemy can and should be challenged.

We constantly suffer verbal abuse and contempt from Afghanistan's President Karzai.

Finally, in an attempt to lay some ground work for our new Secretary of State, John Kerry, Vice President Biden has suggested more talks with Iran.  It was one thing when Ahmadinejad refused us, but now the man behind the throne, but now the supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei  has sent us packing.  He had this to say, "You take up arms against the nation of Iran and say negotiate or we fire."

We have tried sanctions with no success.  We don't seem to understand governments like Iran's could care less if their people suffer.  Look at North Korea.  Look at Syria.  They all have the same mind set and they all have as their allies pro active partners in Russia and China.

The West worries about Iran's enrichment program but Iran has the right to do just that.  The West also wants Iran to take the first steps of scaling back in return for the easing of sanctions, but without guarantee.

They aren't unlike us holding our ground about the taking away of our rights as in the gun control debate especially since the government seems unwilling to address the whole issue before taking what many see is unjust punitive steps for no concrete gain and unconstitutional at that.

The West is also looking for the U.S. to lead in finding an acceptable solution.  One of these days they will realize it isn't likely to happen.  When you have your enemy against the ropes there is no need to compromise.  Iran knows they have us in just that spot.  Pretending it isn't true and continuing with the same tactic will do nothing more than delay the inevitable ~ Iran will get their weapon.

Then the whole dance will begin again over containment.  Do we have a policy for that? At his hearing for Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel didn't seem to know.  If containment is our policy you might want to hope a greater power is on our side.


Bay Views said...

Well said.

Margie's Musings said...

So, Mari, so since diplomacy doesn't seem to work, is your answer to just go to war against them?

What is the alternative?

What is a good alternative?

Mari Meehan said...


I'm asking the same question. What is the answer? Bear in mind, however, they will at some point get the capability at which time we may be forced into another war.

Margie's Musings said...

A war we obviously cannot afford.