Sunday, March 17, 2013

In My Easter Bonnet

Yep.  My inner child has been catered to and I have my new hat.  I first saw it at the Charlie Russell Museum last spring and even though I've pretty much missed this winter, I'm ready for next! I absolutely love it!

Actually, I am writing this in an attempt to prolong what was a really great break from the gloomy weather and even gloomier news. Heck, we had to ask a bartender in an Irish Pub in Missoula, MT last Wednesday who became Pope!  We were that disengaged.

On the next morning to Great Falls for the art shows surrounding the Charles M. Russell Museum art auctions.  We've begun alternating the shows we attend since there are so many about the same time of year.  Last year we went to Wickenburg, AZ for Cowgirls Up.

I love our drives through Montana.  Kids look for different license plates, I try to spot wildlife.  This trip was rewarding with two elk herds and a moose!  That's extremely unusual.  What is usual and held to form are the deer, antelope and eagles.

The art shows were of good quality too.  We arrived early and the venues weren't yet busy so we even had time to visit with some of the artists.  I spent and hour with Judith Syverson,  a member of the Royal Society of Miniature Painters based in London.  Her work is exquisite and I've long been an admirer.  We found we had a lot of common opinions and she  even gifted me with a special poem she had written.  I was quite touched and honored.  It will be framed and hung among along with our other art.

I had a chance to relay a story to Kevin Red Star's daughter about his grandson encountering us in Red Lodge as we looked at a gallery window full of his art.  "That's my grand dad," we were informed.  He went on to invite us to his grand dad's studio in Roberts, just down the road.  "Do go," she encouraged us.  Indeed we shall.

Then too there was Terry Lee, a local artist of some note who was sitting outside his display room. I introduced myself and by the end of our chat he too invited me to visit his studio.  And indeed I shall.

The last highlight was finding a gallery from Bozeman that had several paintings by Elizabeth Lochrie who was one of the first well known women artists in Montana.  She was also good friends with Hub's folks and we have quite a few of her paintings.  After her death they disappeared from the market for some time so it was great to see them regaining exposure.

All in all it was a wonderful, relaxing trip.  But all good things must end.  We're back and I'm already shaking my head over the headlines.  The Americans are already complaining about the new Pope.  Get over it folks.  He's Catholic and is going to do his best to preserve the Catholic beliefs, not change to meet yours!

And the politicians of course.  CPAC.  Wow.  And seeing that suddenly there is no immediate debt crisis.  I'm not sure I've re-entered in the same universe that I exited last Wednesday.

Oh well, tomorrow is soon enough to get back into the routine of trying to make sense of it all.  I'm not easily buffaloed you know!

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