Monday, March 18, 2013

The CPAC Sweeps Winner Is...

Chris Christie!  He may yet end up being the go to guy.  For the moment I'm going to put aside my worry about his health/weight and his abrasiveness and look at the positives.

First of all he wasn't there. Not only was he not there, he wasn't even invited. The Republicans have not yet forgiven him for his praise of Obama during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Never mind that he was doing what he thought necessary for the people of his state.  And never mind that Obama was all photo op and no action.  It's an action for which Christie should be given some slack.

The lack of the invitation alone tells me the Republicans have a suicide wish.  Especially considering who was there and their demeanor.  Rand Paul swiping back at John McCain and Lindsey Graham.  I criticized those two for washing their dirty laundry in public with their criticism of Paul.  So what does he do?  Returns the favor.

Then there was Ted Cruz prowling the stage like a caged animal chuffing and snarling.  I have no problem with him being aggressive but demeanor counts and his was condescending and rude.

Sarah Palin?  She is what she is.  Shrill and no longer relevant. Do the Republicans really still need her to light their fire?  Does calling the President a liar help? Does belittling Carl Rove help?

I come away with the impression CPAC is no more than a conservative love in.  A place for them to strut their stuff and those who may need their support down the road to shed their dignity and integrity.  In other words, it was a pretty sad display of partisan fealty.

I'm not sure they did the party any good.  It magnified the differences within and did little to set forth anything positive.  Becoming as computer savvy as the Democrats, running more diverse candidates and clarifying policy is something to be left behind the scenes, not in the forefront screaming, "We're a mess!"

The Democrats are loving it.  Hillary has reversed herself and is now for gay marriage. That's a huge vote generator. Biden becomes less of an issue to her every time he opens his mouth.  All they have to do is sit back and watch the Republicans continue to self-destruct.

The Republicans have two years and counting to get their act together and reinvent themselves into a cohesive unit or the Democrats will take everything just as Obama plans.  After that we'll have a country so different than what we have today we'll be hard pressed to remember it.  In four years it will be the norm.  If that happens those of us who are old enough will miss the country we once knew and we'll be blaming the Republicans.  Even if we once shared the name.  And rightfully so. Because they couldn't or wouldn't become a worthy adversary.


Margie's Musings said...

Oh how I agree, Mari!!!

Bay Views said...

A Republican since 1964, I can attest to the party's tendency to eat it's young. With the exception of Ron Reagan who believed in a large tent the rest of the party has constantly committed ideological suicide. If it weren't for the liberal wing of the Democratic party, my party would have faded into the ideological morass long ago.

Linda said...

You said it well.

Word Tosser said...

Our minds were running together this weekend.. as I wrote about the CPAC as well today.. went looking to see what all the fuss was about... and came away disgusted... what a lost of 15 minutes I wasted reading.. (that was all I could stand) ..

Margie's Musings said...

I have never been anything but a registered Republican but I vote for the man I consider the best candidate.