Tuesday, March 26, 2013

SCOTUS And The Human Condition

If justice was truly blind would we even be having the conversation about gay marriage? Actually I think she may just be cross eyed. We're trying to make her decide if legalities should apply to the usual outcome for falling in love, and at the same time cater to those who have been taught that same sex attraction is somehow evil. It would make anyone cross eyed trying to figure it out.

I have no doubt those against gay marriage believe what they preach.  Take the Catholic Church. I don't see them ever changing their stance.  It's what they believe and that it's the way for their followers.  If you follow without agreeing you're a hypocrite.

Now I see  a whole slew of politicians have suddenly become pro gay marriage in the past few days.  I haven't seen how long it has taken them to 'evolve' though at least a couple of them are now admitting they have relatives who are gay. I'm wondering how many of them actually find it to be fine and dandy or are they too hypocrites?  I have my opinion.  Political expediency always raises it's unseemly head.

The issue in and of itself doesn't bother me.  I ascribe to two beliefs.  One, I believe people are born gay, that it's not a learned condition.  And two, people fall in love.  No amount of legislation can prevent that from happening.  Unlike lesser beings, we don't just mate for the sake of continuing the species.  It's so much more complex than that.

This is why I don't think social issues and politics mix.  Politics as it is today wants a one size fits all fix for everything.  That's why Obamacare is becoming such a mess.  One size doesn't fit all.  Neither does it when it comes to love nor should it when it comes to marriage. Everything has variables.

It's easy for me to understand why two people want to marry.  Some time after the initial attraction and insane emotions of courtship a bond is formed.  That's when the relationship slips into a comfort zone, a time when you want to be with that person, you can't imagine your life if he/she were no longer a part of it.  That's when you know it's really love. Then you marry.  Why?  It's an act of faith for both the relationship and one another.  Maybe you want to have children, maybe you don't.  You do want to be with that person.  It's not a package deal.

How can you say that sex is a part of that equation? It's pure emotion that embeds itself in your being. The feeling is really beyond definition.  If you've been there you know it. You can't help it nor should you have to try.

I've said before I don't see any sane way for this to shake out if the decision isn't a universal one from a legal point of view.  People have the right to marry and to the benefits that come with it.  Also the responsibilities.  That's part of being a civilized society.

If religions don't want to accept the premise of same sex marriage it is their right.  Those who choose that path will find other religious organizations who will satisfy their spiritual needs and make them welcome.

The law is something else again. Yea or nay, make it universal in the eyes of the law on a national level, not piece meal state by state.

You see it's not just words we're dealing with here.  It's human lives.  People.  Like you and me.  We  we agree, we disagree and we love. Why should some of us be allowed to honor that love by marrying and others not?


Linda said...

For me same sex marriage belongs under the umbrella of civil rights laws passed in the sixties. It needs to be national, not state by state. We were a long time dealing with civil rights in this country. We don't need to be that long again with another group of people. Why is it we wait for laws to make us do what's right?

Margie's Musings said...

Again, Mari, I couldn't agree with you more.

Marriage after all is a relatively new institution. Most people until the modern day just moved in together until some circuit rider minister happened by. Long before that, fathers just gave their daughters to their enemies in hope of making family/friends of them.

In some modern societies marriage is not an option. People just co-habitate. In Ruth's day in the Bible, if you lost your husband, you went to his brother. In Africa, that still happens.