Saturday, March 23, 2013

Republican Disconnect

I've long felt many of the problems ultra conservative Republicans have is their tendancy to stick their noses in social issues which have no place on the political stage.  Take the current run up to the acceptance of gay marriage.  Ever since the Democrats have sarted saying 'no problem'  Republicans have been rushing to find their 'moral' footing.  Just today there was a headline suggesting John Kasich, Republican governor of Ohio, is conflicting over where he stands. I hope he doesn't give himself a case of whiplash.

The trend is definitely moving in the direction of acceptance. I really don't care one way or the other but I do think if it's going to be then it should be universal.  After all, how would straight couples feel if their marriages were legal in one state but not another?  Ah, but these things are not for me to decide.

That being said, there is another group of people who have genetics different from the majority who are still facing the discrimination which nearly defies description.  Just as they themselves do.  These are the transgenders.  I can think of nothing more difficult to adjust to as a child growing into adult hood then feeling the body I live in is not who I am.

In searching for statistics I've found that transgenders account for .3% of the U.S. population.  I'm wondering if they all live in Arizona or if their legislators have just had too much sun.  Of course it's a Republican to boot that's making this an issue.

His bill would require transgenders to use public rest rooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms and such of the sex recorded on their birth certificates.  I wonder how many don't.  I would expect that if the person retains the physical appearance of  one or the other they'd use the appropriate facility to keep from drawing attention to themselves.  If they've had sex reassignment surgery I would guess the same is true.  They'd use the appropriate facility for their sex.

Granted I'm not s student of such things, but I just can't imagine this is such a huge issue that it requires legislation!  I've been going to ladies rooms for a good many years now and the only people of the male gender I've seen have been young boys with their mothers.  But then I don't know that I'd know.

What makes it even worse for the transgender in Arizona, the penalty for using the wrong facility would be six months in jail!  That begs to question which jail since they aren't co-ed?  Would you really send  a 'woman' to a mens jail?  I'd not like to face the prospects of what might happen there!

Then there is the practicality of the whole thing.  How would it be enforced?  Will there be monitors outside rest rooms to check birth certificates?  Does that mean everyone will have to carry one? In these times of sequestration, who will pay for them?  The states?  The Feds? Or will members of the Westboro Baptist Church volunteer?  Does any one ever think these things through before going public with them?

We visit Arizon quite often.  Next time we go I'm going to be keenly observant.  I probably won't be able to identify the transgender, but the politician?  Grim of face, tight lipped, self rightous in air and wearing a good tan.


Linda said...

Well said. Good post.

Anna DiGaudio said...

Excellent read. I am very interested in the transgender situation. These children and parents have ton deal with so much in coming to terms with this as a real situation, learn about it and deal with not only the medical implications, but the societal reaction. We all need to educate ourselves and work on developing our empathic ability.