Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The TSA - Because They Can Doesn't Mean They Should

I'm beginning to think that if there is another disaster involving terrorists and the airlines it will be because of the TSA rather than in spite of them!

It is no secret how I feel about airport screenings - that they do little good since agents with fake explosives seem to readily allude them. And of course now pocket knives and golf clubs are going to be allowed while shampoo and mouthwash is still verboten. How can you respect this group of "highly trained professionals"?

I wonder about the requirements for employment for those $40,000+ a year jobs.  They must include a degree - in stupidity, mean spiritedness and hubris.  The more an individual has the more likely they'll become a supervisor never again to be seen.

You see, after all these years, they still haven't gotten to the point of using good judgement.  There must be at least a story a week regarding unnecessary and invasive searches.  This week is no exception.

This time an active duty Marine who lost both legs to an IED and was wheelchair bound. He showed the TSA his military identification and as the story reads it seemed to encourage them to go beyond total reason.  He was ordered to stand and walk to a different area, having been directed to the wrong one initially.  Though extremely difficult for him, TSA agents made no attempt to help. Then he had to remove his prosthetics, put them back on then stand again while his chair was searched.

My eyes tear up whenever I watch one of those Wounded Warrior spots on television and think what a waste of once healthy young men and women.  How inordinately brave they and their families are in dealing with situations that have no end.  Then to read how they are treated at an airport. It makes my blood boil.

This young man filed a complaint with his Congressman who asked for a detailed report regarding procedures for wounded members of the military.  While his treatment is egregious, no one should have to endure what he did and so many others who are are elderly or very young or exceptionally good looking or incapacitated in any manner.

Rather than spending her time purchasing more ammunition than has been used in the entire Afghanistan war, armored vehicles, drones and new uniforms, perhaps Secretary Napolitano ought better to spend her time setting some reasonable policies if indeed we even need them and actually training those who so love flexing their muscles in the ultimate power trip.

Then again, perhaps this is a new definition of the trickle down theory.  If there is nothing in the way of intelligence at the top there is nothing to trickle down!  You know what?  Both parties are little more than a collection of power hungry, bloated egos paying no attention to anything but self.  One of these days the people just might fight back.

If they do they will win.  They aren't power hungry, just hungry.  Their egos aren't bloated for they have little left after governmental abuses.  And they've more collective intelligence than those they would face. So much for 'representative' government.

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Margie's Musings said...

The midterms are coming up and we will have an opportunity to flex our muscles. ...and make some changes.