Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Zero Tolerance For Old Age

Zero tolerance seems to be a hot talking point these days.  Zero tolerance for guns where we have kids playing with jelly donuts getting suspended, the government working toward zero tolerance for guns for all of us, zero tolerance for drunk driving. Zero tolerance for any one do dare think they aren't a terror suspect in airports.

There of course is merit in some of this, but too often we go way too far.  In today's Wall Street Journal  there is a story about the creeping trend zero tolerance for underage consumption of alcohol which includes carding everyone no matter their age.

Forget the fact that one establishment manager feels to do anything else would be profiling and we all know we can have none of that.

When all is said and done, however, the idea is one that may have some merit.  When I get up with my back already aching down to my knees and those knees not wanting to work I get the idea I may not have a great day ahead of me.  And yes, there are silver hairs among what once had been gold.  Now I know what to do for an instant boost.  Go to a ball game at Yankee Stadium, one of the places that now card everyone.  What an ego booster!  Never mind I live no where near, but even the thought...

It is as ridiculous as airport screening where no one is made to feel special.  I can't help but question the logic of it all.  No one will ever expect me to be anything other than what I am.  Of the age...

I wonder how far they might take it though.  When they want to start rationing our meds and our access to care, might they start carding us to make sure we aren't too old? Who, me over 55?  You can't be serious.  Lady, you're driver's license says you're over seventy!  And you look like you're 80 if your a day! Say, should you even be driving at your age?  Should you be allowed to drink?

This gives a whole new meaning to reverse discrimination.  If I scrunch up a jelly donut to look like a gun they'll think I'm mentally unstable, deprive me of my sugar fix and lock me away from any vice of which I'm still able to partake - few as they may be.

You know why they're doing it don't you?  They don't want to have to pay for it.  They tell us our social security and medicare are too rich and the government can no longer afford it.  They'd rather pour that money into electric cars that no one wants.

Well now, there's another idea that could have some merit.  I understand those little scooters they advertise on TV are pretty neat.  Certainly I could still drive one of them.  And they are electric aren't they?  So I'd be green.

I don't need any of it to be green though.  I get green, as in nauseous, just thinking about all of it.  It's certainly not envy.

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