Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Put It To Rest

There are other victims of the Zimmerman case you know. Besides the two families involved consider those who have businesses being damaged by the 'protesters' as far away as Los Angeles.  The biggest victim, however, is the cause of racial harmony.  The stretch the media had to make to label Zimmerman a 'white Hispanic'.  Why didn't they label Aaron Hernandez a 'black Hispanic' and where was the outrage over his shooting of his 'friend' Odin Lloyd? It's selective coverage at best and prejudicial at worst.

I suggested the race card be folded in my last post. Wishful thinking.  No one heard nor would have listened if they had.

I really feel so sad that the black community's loudest voices come from the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and a variety of celebrities who have no identity without outrageous face time. Where are the Ben Carsons?  Better yet, why isn't the media seeking them out?  Yet again, why does anyone have to be sought to counter divisiveness?

I'd like to suggest all those who won't let it go to do so. But I know they won't.  So I will.  I'm off for a week or so in a quest to close out the world for a time.  No cell phones, no television, no papers. Perhaps a temporary cure for my addiction. Heaven.

I'd say 'rest in peace' but I don't want to push my luck. I'll settle for a brief respite. I'd much rather live to see the country and the media come to their senses. That should assure me of a long if frustrating life for years to come. The problem is I know my addiction to commenting will come roaring back. Oh well.  We all have our burdens to bear.  Mine are so minor in comparison to many I'll just have to deal with it. Don't we all!

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