Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fold The Race Card!

What's the use of having a justice system if more effort is put forth to game it than to find justice?  When race dominates whether warranted or not?

The Martin/Zimmerman trial is over and Mr. Zimmerman has been acquitted.  Now the race baiters are trying to have their day as did the Florida AG who strutted her stuff before the cameras last night. Not to mention Al Sharpton and his ilk. And you wonder why people are jaded and have no respect for any body or any thing.

My personal opinion as to whether or not the trial was fair or even warranted matters little but I'll tell you anyway.  First, I don't think it was warranted and two, I think it was more than fair.  A big shout out to the ladies who closed out media hype and did an exemplary job.  What does it say, however, that they have to remain anonymous for their own safety?

I think about comments along the line that one person is dead, another isn't and that says it all.  It doesn't even begin to say anything.  Or that Zimmerman was told to stay put and he opted not to.  Again, that tells you nothing.  That's what trials are for.  To sort out what happened and to place or clear blame as needed.

Having helped organize a neighborhood watch program in a California neighborhood in which we lived for awhile, I understand the frustration when a rash of burglaries make such a program necessary.  It puts everyone on edge.  Any unfamiliar person is suspect.  Especially at night.  Especially if wearing a hoodie making identification iffy at best.

I also understand that a 17 year old might not be thinking about the implications of wandering a neighborhood at night while wearing a hoodie.  The disconnect brought about the tragedy, not race.

What resulted was a tragedy for all involved but it didn't rise to the level of a hate crime until outside influences had their way. If you insist on inserting hate consider the hate for what was happening to one man's neighborhood.  One man who cared enough to take part in the neighborhood watch rather than staying safe behind closed doors.

I know how I felt about a neighbor who was upset with me for an entirely unrelated reason, saw a strange car in our driveway while knowing we were away.  We came home to a break in. So much for neighborhood watch.  I was angry.  Oh, yes.  And had said neighbor bested me in a scuffle and was pounding my head on the sidewalk I would have indeed feared for my life. If I had a gun and knew the attacker I likely wouldn't have used it, but if said neighbor had been a stranger I think it likely I would have if I could have.

Would it have been a hate crime?  Only if the neighbor was of a different race, right?

I'm so tired of the hate mongers looking to make a bad situation worse, of celebrities calling for what could be life threatening action for no better reason than they can and for the blacks who choose to using the race card every time there is an incident involving someone other than one of their own.

Bad things happen. It's part of life as tragic as that may be.  If we ever want the pot to stop boiling, however, we have to fold that race card.  As long as it's in play not just the pot boils, everything does.  Myself included.

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