Sunday, November 24, 2013

Going To The Dogs

I'm paying much more attention, though it often takes some looking, to stories about the incredible good that goes on within our communities.  The type of activity that reminds me when put in the right hands all will be well. I need the mental boost.

Often such stories involve animals, in this case dogs.  Put a dog with a youth at risk in our area you don't get abuse, you get a miracle.  That is if the kids are engaged in a program called Pawsitive Works.

You've seen it work with adult offenders, you've seen it work with returning vets with problems, why shouldn't dog therapy work with kids?  What better match?

For five weeks youngsters are paired with a dog from local shelters and work with them three times a week. What a teaching tool.  Perhaps the greatest thing  learned is about love and that it goes both ways. And more.

Think about what is learned about how a dog acts and being able to translate that to people.  How a dog learns.  What motivates them.  It's all a positive two way street.  They even learn how to say good bye which is probably the most difficult part. Yet it is paired with the satisfaction  of knowing that a formerly unwanted pet is then adoptable because of your efforts.

Here the program began in somewhat remote Bonner County but is spreading.  The story that caught my eye was about the program in one of our local alternative schools.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if it caught on across the country.  Kids and dogs both getting a new lease on life.  It doesn't get any better.

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