Saturday, November 23, 2013

Nuclear Options All Over The Place

I have never in my life seen an administration so detached from the country it is supposed to be serving not to mention the world.

It has tunnel vision and a huge disrespect for everything and everybody outside of themselves.  First let's look at the sham of a treaty with Iran which will allow them to give up nothing while we open the doors for a nuclear Iran.  Where does the arrogance come from that allows those in the administration to think they and they alone can control Iran?  Heck, they can't even build a web site.

Part of it is Kerry wanting to make a name for himself.  Funny.  The administration makes the point that everything is being done for the children.  Does that include a nuclear Iran? Have they even considered it?

Or is it enough because of Obama's desperate need for a victory and Kerry's desire to be seen as a great statesman.  So far all he has done is sleep with the enemy.  And let's not forget what has been recently confirmed.  Valerie Jarrett, who was born in Iran, has been paving the way for months according to the Times of Israel . Yes, the administration has flatly denied this, but if past history holds true, the more they deny it the more truth lies within.

All I can say is what in the world are they thinking?  They never consider consequences, wanting more the victory of the moment.

Then there is the Senate's passing of the 'nuclear option' which means that the minority party no longer has a say in, for now, appointments. I would expect they will expand it as needed now that a precedent has been set. The throwing away of one more practice that was designed to prevent this very thing. When, and it will happen, the Republicans regain power, the favor will be returned.  I'd like to think they're above vindictiveness of that sort but we all know neither party is.

The disturbing thing about this is it's all tied to the disposal of nuclear waste in Yucca Mountain, Nevada and he needs the President's support in order to continue stalling  progress on the depositories which had been approved and permitting begun.  There it is, that dirty word again.  Nuclear.

There are conversations all over the web about how to handle the influence of those who hold extreme ideologies on government.  One would be to be more thorough in scrutinizing candidates and make sure if in rejecting them it truly benefits the country.

I fear that's a pipe dream in this day and age.  For it to work the candidates have to get the message and so far all I've seen is each party wiping their collective brows in relief as one crisis passes to another.

Meanwhile the possibility of war hangs over the Mideast.  The  al Qaeda linked rebels in Syria have joined forces and are pushing out the moderates we refused to help when it would have helped. The Afghans have thumbed their nose at us yet again and Pakistan continues to protect the Taliban.

Saudi and Israel are left hung out to dry.  But they won't.  They'll do whatever necessary to protect their interests and the region, if not the world, will explode.

Meanwhile our politicians and the administration will continue living life in the bubble they've created for themselves with nary a notice of what's happening around them.  One thing they should remember, not only do bombs explode - bubbles do burst.  That's a given.

So far though the score is a dismal Nucs 3 - World 0. Iran is about to score.  Obama is calling the defense.  We lose.

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