Monday, November 18, 2013

The Tasteless Side Of Politics

What do you do when you're considered royalty within your party due to your parentage, are running for office the very first time (the Senate no less) and haven't been able to get beyond a shaky 50% in the polls against your opponent from the same party?

Do you bow out gracefully and admit maybe a lesser office might be a more appropriate goal or do you pick one of the most controversial items on the social conservative agenda, gay marriage, on which to take a very vocal stand?

If you're Liz Cheney you choose the latter.  Never mind that your sister is gay and married.  Now Mary, the sister, and her wife aren't exactly free from criticism here.  They both took to Facebook to criticize Liz about the stand she took during an interview on FOX, saying it was offensive.  Nothing like keeping a family matter private!

I haven't visited the Facebook spat.  I have no desire to watch a cat fight between three women in one family in a public venue. Especially when there seems to be political motivation behind it.

I could be mistaken, but this doesn't seem to me the way to woo Wyoming voters to the Cheney side.  From my perspective, I'm not really sure if what Liz says is true even though her Dad confirms her stance.  He had to dance that tightrope when he was still Vice President and found himself with a gay daughter and therefore at odds with his boss.

Even as more and more states are legalizing gay marriage, it's still a touchy issue. All indications, however, point to it becoming universal in the not too distant future. It is also a states issue so I wonder why it's necessary for Ms. Cheney to be taking a stand at all.  Especially because of the family situation.  Then I guess that's the very reason though since she never seemed to mount much of a challenge to her primary opponent before this spilled over into social media, I don't see it being used against her either.

Wyoming is itself a state in flux.  While it doesn't allow gay marriage it does recognize those married elsewhere.

If I were the candidate I'd make a non-issue of it.  Yes, my sister is gay and married and happy. I'm happy for her and have nothing more to say on the subject.

I think far more voters would accept that stand more than a dust up on Facebook which makes all sides look petty and yes, certainly lacking in good taste.

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Margie's Musings said...

I certainly agree with you here, Mari. It was unconscionable for Liz to say those hurtful things. After all, loyalty to her sister should have been her first priority. It is a private family matter, as the former Vice President has said. Shame on Liz.